101 Easy To Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr - Book

101 Easy To Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr - Book

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This fully illustrated, easy to use guide offers beginning magicians expert advice and help to perform over 100 magic tricks, each ranked in accordance to their difficulty.

These magic tricks don't need sleight-of-hand or complex magicians props. It's packed full of magic tricks  you can do with everyday objects.

Detailed instructions, together with almost 400 illustrations, teach you how to master classic magic tricks like including


The Inexhaustible Hat

The Cut and Restored Turban

Dyeing the Silks

The Chinese Rings

The Vanishing Bowl of Water

 The Rising Card Magic Trick

The Tell tale Card

The Impossible Location



You will also be able to perform magic tricks such as The Invisible Lasso, Steel Through Steel and The Indestructible Handkerchief. With this magic book as your teacher, you'll even master such baffling exploits of mental magic tricks as Fingers That See, The Great Telephone Trick, Magic Squares, Super Memory and dozens more.

In addition to the full instructions, the book also includes a detailed glossary of professional magic terms, notes on constructing the necessary props and a brief but fascinating section on great magicians, past and present.

Like many magicians, author Bill Tarr has been performing magic tricks since an early age. In this book, his enthusiasm, knowledge and admiration for his subject are readily apparent. By following the expert advice and instructions he gives you in this easy-to-follow book, you will master a repertoire of magic tricks sure to dazzle  everyone you know!

Pages 224 - Softbound

Manufacturer Dover Publications
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