A Typographer's Deck by Art of Play
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A Typographer's Deck by Art of Play

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In collaboration with Turkish artist Furkan Sener, we are pleased to present A Typographer's Deck. This unique deck of playing cards features 54 custom playing cards representing the art of typography. The detailed back design and easy-to-read pips ensure that game play is both practical and fun. Packaged inside a matching tuck case.

This is a fun deck, with many typefaces in evidence. These are utilized in a very clever manner, and you will thoroughly enjoy using this remarkably unique deck of cards.

Limited Edition of 2,500. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co.
Manufacturer Dan and Dave Buck
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Beautiful to admire, and especially ideal for collectors Review by BoardGameGeek Reviewer EndersGame
Skill Level 20%
Customer Rating 100%
The aptly named A Typographer's Deck is a unique creation from Art of Play that was produced in collaboration with Turkish artist Furkan Sener.

Typography is the practical art of arranging how the printed word appears on the page, and includes things like fonts, letters, and symbols, and how they are designed and presented. This deck is considered to be a celebration of the art of typography, and Furkan Sener has designed 54 completely custom cards that feature a variety of typefaces from different eras, so each card is a miniature work of art, displaying what a typographer might do with the name of each card.

Yet despite the creative designs, clear indices ensure that this deck is still functional and playable.

The card backs feature a detailed design with a monochrome look that brings to mind the shapes of letters and symbols woven together in an intricate pattern. As a nice finishing touch, the tuck case has a look that complements the card backs.

Art of Play's Typographer's Deck is a stylish and creative deck that should please anyone with an interest in typography, or in collecting unique decks of creative playing cards.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 27/03/2018)

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