Abyss - Coin in Bottle - Book and Gimmicks

Abyss - Coin in Bottle - Book and Gimmicks

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Abyss is one of the best all round teaching methods to perform the amazing coin in bottle magic trick.

Abyss not only teaches several methods to perform this amazing magic trick so you can perform it in almost any situation but it also contains any gimmicks you may need!

The Enchantment has a reputation for putting out versions of classic magic tricks but having the best methods possible and Abyss is no exception!

 The routine is so visual it seems impossible that the bottle doesn't have a hole or a slit in it yet the spectators can inspect the bottle until their heart is content as there is no hole or slit, the coin just must have melted through! Not only is the bottle able to be inspected but the coin is too large to come out of the mouth of the bottle!

Depending on which method you use you can also perform this effect with a bottle that is 100% sealed and unopened, the seal has never been tampered with, this is not a case of popping a seal open and glueing it shut, the seal is completely in tact.

The bottle is completely normal and the coin is completely normal, if you wish you can give the impossible object away as there is nothing to find!

Abyss is rammed full of great ideas, concepts and methodology all surrounding this reputation making plot. There are easy, almost self working methods, there are methods that require a bit more set up, there is even a version taught where you can get a small coin that is signed inside a completely sealed bottle!

Incredibly Visual

Super Fast Set Up

Works with practically ANY country's currency!

Other small items can also be used

Instantly examinable

Bottle can be sealed, empty or full depending on your requirements

Great angles and can be performed surrounded

Makes a great impossible souvenir

This is not Grandad magic, this is pure unadulterated eye popping goodness all packaged up into one easy to understand booklet full of colour images and including any gimmicks you may need to perform these many variations of the coin in bottle effect. There is a reason this effect has been a best selling magic trick for years and we are sure it will be one of your powerhouse effects in your repertoire! 

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