Forcing Die (4)

Forcing Die (4)

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
This is a single die for forcing a specific number. It's been cleverly made to hide the secret well.

Imagine six envelopes, each numbered one through six. This die will force the number 4.
Manufacturer Diamond Jim Tyler
Featured Product No
Misleading Review by DB
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 20%
I recieved this today and was deeply disappointed, as I felt that the description was a little misleading. When it spoke of six envelopes and a process of elimination, I assumed this meant that this was a die which enabled me to easily eliminate five numbers, leaving me with the sixth envelope, which in this case would be number four. The only way you can do do this with this prop is to switch it for another - which then runs the risk of the correct number being chosen. When I bought a die to force the number four, i thought it meant the number four would be missing, so that, in rolling the dice, every other number could be eliminated. That is NOT the case, and I don't actually know how I am going to be able to use this dice in any way, without anyone with even a slight power of observation spotting the secret. I feel somewhat misled by the description, as I have something that is not what I wanted and that I am very unlikely to ever use. I think the wording could have been a little more accurate.

(Posted on 14/02/2019)

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