The Nielsen Collectin Part 1 (The Golden Age of Magic Posters) - Book
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The Nielsen Collectin Part 1 (The Golden Age of Magic Posters) - Book

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The title of the book is "The Golden Age of Magic Posters", authored by Gabe Fajuri and designed by Stina Henslee. All the posters that grace this volume were photographed by David Linsell.

This book represents a significant part of what was one of the largest vintage magic poster collections in North America. These images were part of our lives for the longest time. For twenty-five years Norm Nielsen searched the world in order to amass a huge collection of posters. Each image has a story. These posters now have new homes, but their remembrance will endure in the pages of this book.

"To complain that some of the effects performed on stage did not quite live up to the miracles so flamboyantly portrayed on the posters is, perhaps, to miss the point. The posters, today so fascinating as a type of vanishing folk art, originally had one purpose - to draw people into the theatre. Once there, it was the magician's job to entertain and mystify them with a complete show of conjuring. The great magicians did not disappoint."
- Charles & Regina Reynolds (1976)
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