Amazing Magic Tricks with Coin Unique and Scotch and Soda - Book

Amazing Magic Tricks with Coin Unique and Scotch and Soda - Book

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This amazing booklet is stuffed full of information and magic tricks using either the Scotch and Soda or coin unique magic set. You will be taught useful techniques on using the coin sets themselves as well as how to  care and maintain them. The book also teaches three simple to do palming methods that can be used to do even more great magic tricks with the set.


All the basics techniques and moves are covered. Then you will learn 18 stunning magic tricks each taught with full instructions.


You will be able to do a huge range of magic tricks such as: The Teetotaler Coin, Coin Flight, Instant Location, Rapid Transit, Invisible Flight and others!


So many magicians just perform the basic magic trick taught when they purchase a scotch and soda set, but now you can do so much more with this astonishing magical prop.

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Review Review by Nicholas Toovey
Satisfaction 80%
A good starter dvd for beginners of those starting to venture into coin magic. Although intended for the scotch and soda it involves no brainwork to adapt it to the unique coin pro (my preferred gimmick, as recommended to me by the merchant of magic himself!) The instructions are easy to follow, the patter is a little lame but overall there are some good basic tricks. For more accomplished illusionists there may not be quite so much on offer here but then again at around £10 can you go wrong?!?!? I should just add a friendly word of warning, you will need a gimmick to perform any of the tricks on this dvd, so make sure you have (or order) either the unique coin pro or the scotch and soda set!

(Posted on 17/12/2015)

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