Animal Bands - By Liam Montier

Animal Bands - By Liam Montier

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Animal Bands is a collection of effects devised by none other than Big Blind Media's favourite Liam Montier using rubber bands that have a difference!

These great rubber bands are all shaped like - you guessed it, ANIMALS!


From now on when asked you will be able to produce a rabbit from a hat, or an elephant from your pocket, or even a hippo from your undercrackers (not that we advise that at all!)

Animal Bands comes with a booklet teaching two full routines that are super simple to perform that can get you started, not to mention the tonne of ideas Liam has included to inspire your own creativity.

 Twist animals out of rubber bands instead of balloons!

Reveal predictions in a new offbeat and completely surprising way!

Super commercial and lay people love them! What more could you want?

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