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ANYTHING By Ben Williams

A prediction routine that allows you to predict practically anything! Straight from my working repertoire, this is a routine I have been performing for nearly 10 years! 

If you know Any Word by Ben you know the basic routine, Anything is a video tutorial of this and also a tonne of other ideas and routines for this. Now predict actions, chosen lottery numbers, pocket change.

Very easy to do
Mastered in minutes
No peeks or impressions
Full routine and patter provided


I performed Anything at a gig, it was for a large crowd of people mainly in their 50's and 60's and it killed them, such an impossible piece of magic. I can honestly say this effect is the best thing I've seen/used/bought in a very very long time, just brilliant!!  - Rod Hogg - The Irish Magician


Anything is an amazing tutorial based on a classic principle reworked for a modern era. The effect itself is easy to learn and is suitable for all skill levels. Ben as always is a great teacher who covers everything from the basics to the other nuances of the effect. Another thing i liked about this is the outcome can be revealed anyway you can think off, with a little creativity. It is a definite must get for anyone looking for a hard hitting close up Prediction piece which takes up very little pocket space. The reset time is next to nothing and can  I be repeated almost immediately for a different group. I definitely will be working this into my close up set for sure. - John Loo

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Anything by Ben Williams Review by Maurice Furlong
Satisfaction 100%
Jolly well done to Ben and thank you very much indeed for releasing this to our magical fraternity.
This is a super cool piece of mentalism.
As a continuing novice in magic, I continue and like to learn new effects and perhaps more to the point of knowing how the effects are achieved! I many cases the tricks are just put aside without a real need to learn and master the effects. Not so with this!
I really to say that whlist one can be left dissatisfied with some magic, this left me smiling, with a need to learn the effect as Ben teaches and to give it a try out in the real world.
I cannot really add more and agree totally with other reviewers.

(Posted on 09/05/2017)

Anything by Ben Williams Review by Mark Draper
Satisfaction 100%
Typically I don’t perform mentalism. Not through any dislike of that area of magic, I just feel that more sleight of hand heavy, move monkey stuff is for me.

Ben’s effect ‘Anything’ has tapped me on the shoulder and offered me a piece of practical, clever, powerful, versatile, creative mentalism that I absolutely cannot wait to perform.

Ben opens up with an overview of Anything and goes over some basic principles that would make this effect understandable if a beginner were to pick it up as well as a more experienced magician. Ben’s patter when performing is engaging, creative and hugely entertaining and each line justifies his actions when performing. You can see that he has developed the effect to have an excellent ‘one -two knockout’ punch as after performing the second half of Anything, you can see the audience’s jaws drop (Particularly in the sweet shop performance).

What I also found nice was that Ben touched on the small psychological subtleties that can maximise the impact of the effect when you perform it and can take it to the next level by employing certain gestures or mannerisms that really draw the audience in.

The props needed for the effect are listed and their uses clearly explained so theres no risk of misunderstanding of what is required for the effect to work.

Ben’s teaching is clear, understandable and entertaining. What I most enjoyed was the occasional injections of humour that made watching the explanation as enjoyable as watching the effect.

That being said there was a moment during the explanation where Ben or someone may have injured themselves as you can hear someone yell “God damn it!!” which made it to the final cut. If anyone got hurt I hope that they’re okay!

Ben then goes on to explain how Anything can work as a book test or an Open Prediction style effect, both of which work really well! During the Open Prediction section Ben goes over several ways of leaving the prediction in plain sight, namely under a beer glass, on a phone or on a card box. Personally I found that placing the prediction under the audience’s drink to be the best of the ideas taught as it felt more organic and theatrical while the other ideas just didn’t feel as justified and struck me as odd and less practical. However thats just me!

There were some questions that came to my mind when watching the explanation. For example, using a book to get a word then discarding the book (I’m being careful not to give anything away) I felt that the audience would still be aware of the book's use and see the punchline coming, therefore slightly dulling the impact. However I’m glad to say that Ben had that question, and my other ones, COMPLETELY covered. You should have no questions after listening to the explanation as Ben goes through all the ins and outs to ensure you are able to do this effect without any insecurities.

All in all if you’re after a powerful, off the cuff piece of mentalism in which you really can divine ANYTHING then look no further than this. Heck, if it can make ME want to perform mentalism then its definitely a winner!

Ben consistently fools me with his clever, creative, smart magic and each of his releases are exceptional and this is no different.

(Posted on 07/05/2017)

Anything Review Review by Tim Lic
Satisfaction 100%
Ben has taken a classic principle of mentalism and thrown a firework up its' a*se!

With over 1 1/2 hours of in-depth ideas, routines and nuances, you'll be confident performing Anything - Anywhere at Anytime.

Now, if you've studied mentalism for a period of time, you won't be surprised at how Anything is achieved; But, with that aside, the structure of Ben's routine, especially with a little 'twist', will astonish your spectators.

What I love about this is its' simplicity. Remember, it's what the audience see and believe. You are not performing for magicians! The reactions speak for themselves. With this effect, you will kick a spectator square in the nuts.

Ben has a modern-day twist on a Ned Rutledge ruse and I LOVE it! This little gem opens up a whole new plethora of ideas.

Let's talk about production - Are you going to get an all-singing, all-dancing, guy standing at a brick wall looking depressed kind of download? No. But, it's not needed (or wanted sometimes!). This is back-to-basics "here's the effect, this is how you do it" teaching. The download is over 1 1/2 hours - For ONE effect! Ben will go over absolutely everything you need to know and, if I'm honest, has probably spoon fed you too much. He shares ideas, routines and nuances, whereas I think creating your own would be a benefit.

One nuance I would highlight is Ben's nonchalance of the 'Anything' word. Great thinking and time misdirection.

In conclusion, you can't go wrong for the price. Ben is a great thinker and is a rising star.

(Posted on 05/05/2017)

Anything by Ben Williams Review Review by Alex Alejandro
Satisfaction 100%
The routine is quick, simple to understand, hard to backtrack, and easy to execute.

If you are a beginner, you need to put in practice, but if you are experienced, then you should have no problem.

I was already doing a version of this, and have done for a few years, and what I like about this download/project is the depth that Ben goes over to make sure you have everything, from the overview, to performances(3) total, and to the history of the original effect, which I have also done, to variations, and ways to make this different and unique.

Its like you were taking a Mini MasterClass with Ben on the subject.

Ben could have easily explained everything in 15-20 min download, but he took time and dedication to go through all the fine bits and details.

He even teaches you how to do this over the radio, as well as his Any Word BookTest, which uses the Anything effect.

All in all, this is something that you get a lot of bang for your buck, and your mind will be thinking of ideas on how to best utilize this.

As for the routine itself, or the revelation, as well. Ben goes over several variations, on revelations, ideas on how to make this different, and the importance of the scripting of the routine so its just not a stunt, but rather an experience.

I congratulate Ben on this release, and urge everyone that likes to learn updated versions of old plots to take a look at this.

A great project that is detail oriented, worthy of study, and hats off to the giants that came before Ben for crediting.

(Posted on 05/05/2017)

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