Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - RED BACK  by Richard Turner

Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - RED BACK by Richard Turner

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

Bicycle Playing Cards Return to the Gold Standard!

Richard Turner's brand new Gold Seal Bicycle Playing Cards are The Gold Standard of Bicycle Playing Cards and are finally released for use by professional magicians, gamblers, card mechanics, and every playing card aficionado looking for an awesome deck of playing cards.

Magicians have been pestering Richard Turner for may years to finally use the same card-making techniques he created for his Gamblers and Bee Play Cards. Magicians needed a top of the line Bicycle Playing Cards deck for serious sleight of hand.


The famous trademarked 808 Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards.

The magic community begged Richard to add in two normal matching Jokers in his Bicycle cards deck. He went one step further and included a blank playing card with the Rider Bike back, so that you can perform reverse fans. Even magicians who create gambling style acts will love the blank bicycle playing card. It's useful as a cut-card when doing Greek deals and other techniques needing a special bottom card.


Each deck of Gold Seal Playing Cards is made from Bee stock, world famous for its flexibility, and long-lasting durability. They are stamped to a caliper/thickness that makes classic techniques like bottom and center dealing easy, and are embossed to a depth that will not break down the structural integrity of the playing cards, this means each playing card can breathe correctly. This reduces the gum-up and hangers sometimes caused by finger oils.

Since these playing cards are created to Richard Turner's high professional standards, they are Traditionally Cut!

The Process

Unlike most of the playing cards sold in magic shops, the cutting blade used in traditionally cut cards begins at the face of each card and moves through to its back. This creates a sharp edge on the underside of each card and a rounded edge, which improves weave during a shuffle.

Traditionally cut cards allow magicians to easily interlace the cards for crisp, clean shuffles, especially with some of the more advanced shuffling moves like the one-handed shuffle, and the faro shuffle.

For over 100 years traditional card cutting was the norm, but were phased out around 16 years ago. Casinos insist on traditionally cut cards, and so should you.

If you want the very best, make sure the playing cards you use and "Traditionally Cut for the Professional."

'So, take it from a fan whose interest in quality playing cards was piqued four decades ago: a deck of Gold Seal Bicycle Playing Cards simply feels right in the hand, shuffles flawlessly right out of the box, and will enhance the performance of professional magicians everywhere.' - Bruce T. Samboy
Gambling regulator and longtime playing card enthusiast.

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Excellent!!! Review by Zero Jones
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
These cards can be faro shuffled first time out of the box! Need I say more?
Try them once, you'll never want to use another brand of cards again.
Thank you Richard Turner.

(Posted on 02/02/2018)

Quality out of the box Review by Matra
Satisfaction 100%
I have to echo one of the other reviews on here... the feel from the cards out of the box is instantly noticeable compared to a standard deck. I opened a new standard deck at the same time for comparison and I MUCH prefer these. I'm only a 'hobbyist' magician and do not perform professionally and it made so many moves so much easier, the tiniest breaks can be found with ease and they feel like a much more expensive deck of cards.

The box is the 'old' rider back design which allows compatibility for some 'older' gimmicks too. Cold Case, Red Pill etc all use the old design case (they can be customised if you're craft-y but who'd do that when you don't have to?)

I'd highly recommend the extra money over standard decks and if I need anymore bicycles I will be using these! My only gripe is I like to remove all of the labels to make the box look 'clean' and the gold standard label is a bit of a pig to get off without applying some heat first

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Review Review by David Jones
Satisfaction 100%
Just three hours ago opened my first of these...
Haven't been able to put it down since. As someone who performs magic professionally and often, and someone who for the past five years has been happy to use the traditional bicycle or mandolin versions, know that these are so noticably different it's almost ridiculous.
No tricky double lifts from stubborn 'stiff' cards upon first opening, and difficult faros as the deck gets used to being used. It's ready from the first shuffle. Lasts longer. Even moves like the 'sybil cut' become ten times easier as the cards do not bunch, and your fingers find your breaks easily.
The deck actually makes you a better sleight of hand magician.
My personal thanks to Richard Turner, whom I've long admired.
Try these and don't look back. They're gorgeous.

(Posted on 27/09/2015)

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