Billfold (DVD and Gimmicks) by Kyle Marlett
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Billfold (DVD and Gimmicks) by Kyle Marlett

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Quick Overview

With Billfold, you can morph credit cards, playing cards, candy wrappers, tickets, and checks into real currency!


The objects melt away and change into bank notes without any perceptible finger movement.

Many effects are possible with "Bill Fold" but this one is a favorite: you wager a £10 that you will be able to find the spectator's card. You place the £10 in her fist. Then you reveal the WRONG card. "I guess you get the £10," you say as you change the playing card INTO a £10 note! When she opens her hand, she discovers that the £10 she was holding has changed into her folded selection.

Use ANY currency-even plastic money.


The most attractive feature of "Bill Fold" is the idea that you will learn to customize this trick to any small paper object that you like. Use YOUR ticket stub, or a client's business card, or anything you want... and change it into real money!

Includes instructional DVD and pre-made gimmick

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WoW Review by Mr Allan Waddington
Satisfaction 100%
well worth the money paid gone in my top twenty close tricks .and the DVD is great to

(Posted on 30/09/2016)

Really really good gimmick Review by Nigel
Satisfaction 100%
The gimmick is simple and easy to re create for use with different "faces" - playing card, credit card, receipt etc. It's just a shame we can't use authorized forged bank notes, as the usual problem is that you need a genuine one to complete the effect. Unless you dismantle one face and re assemble on another it would take a fair bit of cash to maintain the different uses.
Apart from that, and it's not going to affect the brilliant effect this has, I would definitely recommend this.

(Posted on 28/09/2016)

Great easy gimmick, but you should be comfortable doing basic card magic Review by William
Satisfaction 100%
To do the card effect in the video - there are really 3 parts. The gimmick works perfectly for its part after minimal practice.

(Posted on 23/09/2016)

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