Blue Steel Playing Cards by The Bocopo Playing Card Company
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Blue Steel Playing Cards by The Bocopo Playing Card Company

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These minimal playing cards from The Bocopo Playing Card Company feature a simple dot pattern and a narrow white border. Their unembellished design makes them an easygoing option for magicians and cardists.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company with casino quality stock. This high quality stock makes this deck more durable. Please enjoy!
Manufacturer Xu Yu Juan
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An elegant and practical working class deck Review by BoardGameGeek Reviewer EndersGame
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 80%
The Blue Steel Playing Cards is a minimalist design that was created by The Bocopo Playing Card Company in Hong Kong, which has been designing luxury playing cards since 2014, and usually favours colourful cardistry decks. But with the Blue Steel deck, they have gone for a much simpler style, which is evident already from the tuck box, which comes in a relatively plain dark blue package. The only clue to its contents is small white print on one side of the box which says "2015 The Bocopo Playing Card Co Ltd". The bottom flap is the only other place that gives identifying information, including some details about the publisher and the fact that this is a "Luxury Edition".

A closer look at the contents, however, reveals that the luxury resides in the cards themselves, which are printed by the reputable United States Playing Card Company with their quality air cushion finish. Along with the consistent and smooth handling comes a simple design, the most prominent aspect being a relatively plain looking card back. It creates a straight-forward look that is still sophisticated, producing an impression of the casual combined with the classy, much like the effect generated by designer denim.

Ever since the popularity of the NOC decks for cardistry (the acronym meaning "Nothing, Only Colour"), this kind of plain look is exactly what some kind of cardists are after. A narrow white border ensures that cards in motion are easily distinguished from one another, while still emphasizing the large slab of uniform colour that makes up the back of the deck. The simple design of solid sky blue has a pattern of white dots that close examination reveals to be tiny white diamonds.

While most of the cards are standard, some customization lies in the Jokers, which have an embellished B monogram that refers to the publisher Bocopo Playing Cards, along with a monochrome colour scheme ensuring that even this detail doesn't make things too complicated. The deck comes with two blue Jokers, one red Joker, and an ad card.

As for the faces of the cards, these mostly make use of the classic pips and court cards in a traditional deck. Exceptions are the Jokers, and the signature Ace of Spades, which offers a tribute to the publisher Bocopo at the bottom of the card, but still employs a very simple shape and style, albeit oversized.

The Blue Steel deck from Bocopo and is now available right here at Vanishing Inc Magic, making it easy to get hold of. This deck is much like the steel industry: a working class deck that is about getting the job done. It doesn't allow luxury or overstated elegance to get in the way of performance and success, and is a blue collar deck that the working magician and cardist will appreciate. It ensures that they can focus on their routines, without too much distraction, while at the same time using a tool that makes them look thoroughly professional. Practical and usable, the Blue Steel deck is at home in the hands of a professional magician, a cardist chilling out, or a gamer spending a casual Friday evening in denim.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 08/02/2018)

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