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BLUFF by Mickael Chatelain

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Quick Overview

Bluff : A card disappears from within the fold of a £5 note!

Borrow a £5 note from a spectator, fold it in two and then slip a playing card into the fold. The card protrudes about 1.5 cm from each side of the folded note.

Hold the assemblage between your hands, hiding the card from the spectators' view. Blow and move your right hand away. The card seems to have disappeared. Your spectators smile knowingly as they figure out that you've simply slipped the card to the side and that it's now entirely hidden behind the fingers of the left hand. It's obvious!

Undaunted, you once again hold the note/card assemblage as before. Blow again and the card reappears!

For the second time, you're the laughing stock of the entire audience. They've long since figured out that you hide the card with the fingers of your other hand and they won't hesitate to tell you!

Pretend to have no idea what they're talking about... OK, one final time! You hold, you blow... and the card disappears... for REAL! You explain that there's no longer anything in the fold of the note. You immediately open the note to prove what you've said... and, sure enough, the card is GONE!

How is this possible?

Return the note to its rightful owner after showing it one last time from every possible angle. An amazing disappearance in full view right under the noses of your spectators! Here one moment, gone the next! Make the card reappear, if you'd like.

Strong points:

  • As stunning as it is, the effect is still CLEAN!
  • You lead the spectators down the garden path, thinking they know the secret. You show them how wrong they are after they fall into the trap you've set for them.
  • You do all this with a borrowed bill (Euros, Dollars, etc.)
  • The borrowed £5 undergoes no preparation.
  • No pulls, no manipulation, no lapping!
  • You'll be able to present this incredible disappearance within five minutes! Mickael explains how to make the gimmick in a few minutes using only supplied materials.
  • Explanatory video included.
  • A long-held secret Mickael is now sharing with you!


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Manufacturer Gi'Mick Magic
Featured Product No
Bluff Review by Frank T.
Satisfaction 100%
This is a very straightforward and excellent effect. I developed a love of tricks when the method is intentionally made to look very obvious to the audience. My first experience of this was with quot,What Nextquot, WHEN A friend WENT INTO OVERDRIVE SHOUTING Me Me Me I KNOW. only to discover a killer reveal. I was asked to comment on the service and said that I would buy from them again - I need to correct that by saying that I WILL most definitely buy from them again.- a genuinely world class Service provider. Anyway, this trick is even better and more than that, it appears to be absolutely impossible to explain.

(Posted on 11/01/2017)

Bluff Review by Peter M
Satisfaction 80%
The overall effect was first class, if there was a moan it was the difference between a one dollar bill and a five pound note.

(Posted on 11/01/2017)

A good addition to my routine Review by David C
Satisfaction 100%
I'm quick to criticise when I'm disappointed but likewise i give credit when its due. Reasonable price for a good box of tricks

(Posted on 21/11/2016)

No Use To Me Review by jp
Satisfaction 40%
I like a lot of Mickael's gimmicks so I bought this on the strength of that. The effect itself is very good and it is simple to perform........ if you live outside the UK. This is no good with £10 notes as they are too wide. It is also no good for £5 (in my opinion) because they need to be folded almost exactly in half, in addition the new ones are even shorter and have a window in them. Purely on the basis I cannot use it I have marked it low but as stated the effect itself is very good.

(Posted on 14/10/2016)

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