THE BOX by Mickael Chatelain - VIDEO DOWNLOAD

THE BOX by Mickael Chatelain - VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Take a Tic-Tac dispenser from your pocket. As it's transparent, it's obvious to all that there's just one piece of candy inside. This is no illusion, there really is just one dispenser with one piece of candy inside.

Open the dispenser and dump the Tic-Tac into your spectator's hand. The dispenser is now empty and you show it from all sides. The spectator can look inside the opening and can see that it's just an empty Tic-Tac dispenser and nothing more.

Close the dispenser and hold it horizontally between your thumb and forefinger in front of the spectator.

Take the Tic-Tac from your spectator's hand and position the Tic-Tac on top of the dispenser in the middle. All this is so clean there can be no suspicion of manipulation or other subterfuge.

Continue to hold the dispenser a few centimeters from your spectator. The Tic-Tac is plainly visible sitting on the center of the outside of the dispenser.

Your other hand passes in front, hiding the candy from view for barely two seconds.

Completely impossible...

The Tic-Tac is now INSIDE the container, right where it was at the beginning. How is this possible? The hand holding the dispenser hasn't moved and yet the candy is once again inside!

Immediately shake the dispenser to prove that this is no illusion. It's true. It really is not an illusion... The Tic-Tac is really inside!

The only way to retrieve the candy is to open the dispenser once again and dump the candy into the spectator's hand.

The spectator can now eat the candy as it is absolutely real and ordinary.

Remember these important points:
  • Only one dispenser is used.
  • The Tic-Tac dispenser is genuine - use your own.
  • The dispenser is shown from all sides. Your spectator can even tap on each side as proof that there are no openings.
  • The Tic-Tac placed on the dispenser is the same one that is discovered inside two seconds later. No switch!
  • VERY easy to do. In less than three minutes, you will master the secret perfectly and you'll be ready to do this incredible trick.
  • No threads, no magnets, no glue, no manipulation. The secret takes care of EVERYTHING!
A trick that Mickael Chatelain has been presenting for years is explained for the first time with NO DETAILS LEFT OUT! You will keep it with you always, ready to fool young and old, and even magicians who don't know the secret.

Download this effect and learn how to perform it!
Manufacturer Gi'Mick Magic
good trick Review by Hristo
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 40%
A very good trick, but not everywhere you can find the big box tic tac. I live in Bulgaria and here it is not available, it may not be applied in many other countries

(Posted on 03/03/2019)

Very nice clean trick - very ingeneous Review by BazilNesbitt
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
I'm sometimes put off by a trick where you have to make the gimmick yourself. But this really could not have been simpler.

You will need the larger 100 pack of tic-tacs, as this simply does not work with the smaller pack. But just about everywhere here in the UK stocks the large pack (all the supermarkets and most corner shops) There are no handling issues with the larger pack, and the larger pack does not look out of the ordinary (it is in fact, not significantly larger)

The effect is very powerful, and the execution is very ingenious. I have made 3 gimmicks, one for the mint pack, and one for the orange and lime pack (which I use to make an orange tic-tac appear in an all lime pack . . . plus a 'spare' just in case).

You will need two very common household items to make the device, and even if you didn't have them, another £1 or so would buy you both.

It took me under 5 minutes to prepare the gimmick, a further 5 to practice, and I performed the trick the same evening. The effect is always extremely well received - some people do want to handle the case afterwards, but just keep hold of it and they can have as close a look as they like, they will not see anything from any angle. Super trick, great value, love it !!!

(Posted on 11/02/2019)

Just OK Review by J Winter
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 60%
It’s somewhat impressive as a quick trick, but nothing more than that.

(Posted on 10/02/2019)

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