Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
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Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Magic just got REAL! Perform a multi phase body illusion that will have your spectators reeling in astonishment!

Perform BELIEVABLE magic and create true ASTONISHMENT anywhere at any time!

"I laughed out-loud during the trailer, and the smile never left my face. Now I just need to convince you to teach me the secret... I hope there's a secret.”  – Maxwell Murphy,

THE EFFECT: Breaking Point is an effect which allows you to dislocate your finger and then bend it in impossible ways. The routine consists of 3 parts:

1. Dislocating the finger - making it pop out of the socket
2. Bending the finger (multiple versions)
3. Popping the finger back in place 

"This is a great effect! The cracking of the finger is pure eye and ear candy."
- Joe Rindfleisch, the creator of Fracture

The effect has been tested for several years and never fails to amaze people. Usually people don’t believe in magic, but sometimes with this effect when I’ve told my spectators that it’s NOT real... they don’t believe me! This is an effect your spectators WILL remember and gives you the reputation of being able to do more than just magic tricks.

"Hahahah, I love it!!! So good!"- Adam Wilber, creator of Decibel, Pyro
No gimmicks
Doesn't need flexible fingers
Finger is fully examinable :)
“Johannes's Breaking Point is an effective routine based on interesting techniques - I really like it!"
- Will Houstoun, magic historian, creator of Freak

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This is an excellent product. Review by Christopher T
Customer Rating 100%
This is an excellent product. Nearly an hour long, goes over everything in detail, and you know exactly what he's teaching.

(Posted on 04/11/2016)

Knacky but cool Review by Christopher Williams
Customer Rating 80%
So, firstly it's quite a long video for what looks like a simple effect. 55 minutes long, although the first 8-9 minutes are introductions and performances. When i first saw the demo i wondered would it be for me, when would i perform it, but then again, i love effects that can be done completely impromptu and are sometimes a bit weird. Whilst i wouldn't class this as Magic at all, it does have its place in body magic in my opinion.

The teaching is good, but not amazing. This is not the sort of thing you are going to be doing within 5 minute of watching, it will take time to look good, and because it is all essentially illusions and theater, it will require a lot of practice before showing people, that is if you really want them to believe you are doing what you are doing. After watching the whole video and practicing along with it i have the basics down, but certainly not ready to perform yet as whilst it would look ok to show people, i don't know how believable it would be until perfected.

The fun part is you will find yourself literally sat there doing it for ages, time after time practicing, trying to get the moves and sounds right, and you can do it whilst just watching the TV as well without even looking at your hands once you know what you're doing.

This isn't the sort of thing i am going to do around tables, however it can be shown in a more casual environment, and in this sort of environment whilst you are warming up or after you have finished and people ask how you do it etc, it is the sort of thing you can show. Because it is modular as well, even the dislocating the finger at the start can be used on it's own.

You will hurt your hands at the start of doing this whilst trying to get the position right, but not hurt as in serious pain, but if you're nails are too long it may hurt, and when you download it you will see what i mean, but when you get the right place and as long as your nails are short, you will have no issues.

For me, 4/5, the only thing that lets it down for me is the teaching slightly and the fact it isn't suitable for every environment

(Posted on 03/11/2016)

Effect: 9 out of 10 Review by Kieron Johnson
Customer Rating 100%
I sat down and watched the full vid. It's 55 mins long and there are multiple phases covered on it.

The first thing you see when you play is Johannes doing a lovely introduction of himself offering to help via email if you got stuck. I thought this was a quality offer, Johannes really does care about his work and the passion he has for magic is inspiring. I felt happy watching him.

The project is split into different phases. He covers everything in great detail.

The snap is what you are really paying for. It's very smart but will take a bit of time to master. I'm slowly getting there but like anything it takes a little practice and patience. It's a very clever method. The rest of the movement is fully covered. There is a number of performance subtleties and you can tell he has worked this.

I know from experience myself that what really sells this type of magic is belief and Johannes has this in spades. There is no doubt in my mind that when the audience see Johannes perform this that it is the real deal, I'm hoping that once I have it down I can bring the same conviction to the effect myself.

It is not all perfect though. I was a little lost at the the first phase and it does feel a bit erratic at points. If anything his enthusiasm gets in the way of the teaching at times but he does get back on track and as I said, he is very passionate teacher.

I think the price is fair and I'm certainly interested to find out more about his work.

Video quality: 7 out of 10

Effect: 9 out of 10

All in all in happy with this and will be interested in future work of Johannes

Kind regards

Kieron Johnson

(Posted on 02/11/2016)

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