Cerebral Steal - By James Brown - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD
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Cerebral Steal - By James Brown - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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The spectator selects a playing card and is then made to lose all memory of it! This is then followed by an impossible mind reading by the magician. Strong and reputation making magic!

This video download runs for nearly 30 minutes and contains in-depth instruction on how to perform this amazing, reputation making routine.


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  *Please note that a computer is required to transfer this file onto an iPhone or iPad


  'I purchased it and use it a lot, I combine some methods from Luke Jermay and get great results.' - M  Braithwaite



Manufacturer RSVP - Russ Stevens
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No subtitles! Review by ossie
Customer Rating 60%
The video looks good, but it does not have subtitles and I am deaf. (One has to ask oneself why it is so under priced?
Other downloads and D.V.D's now seem extortionate!)

(Posted on 30/01/2017)

Review Review by Kamil Sowiński
Customer Rating 80%
Excellent! Underpriced!!! A very clever concept, informative

(Posted on 25/11/2015)

Review Review by Michael Wilson
Customer Rating 100%
Thank you all so much for realising the Cerebral Steal by James Brown. I recently attended a James Brown seminar and during the evening before the event James performed Cerebral Steal for a group of us, and completely blew our minds.

Baring in mind, all in attendance were/are fully aware of hypnosis and other magic techniques but we were without a clue as to what or how the effect was achieved.

(Posted on 22/11/2015)

Review Review by Jarmo Glader
Customer Rating 100%
Very clever "Mindcrime" routine which uses a "real" hypnosis and suggestions theory in a practical way. So if You are new with hypnosis and like to learn especially the power of negative suggestions in real life conditions this is just for You. The good thing to beginners is You don't have master fast and strong inductions (like "SLEEP NOW") to perform this - so I think this routine is wonderfull for safe practise too. Highly recomended!

(Posted on 22/11/2015)

Review Review by Dillon Depala
Customer Rating 100%
Really clever and it is excellent value for money. I highly recommend it as the video download covers absolutely everything.

(Posted on 23/10/2015)

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