Changeling (DVD and Gimmicks) by Marc Lavelle

Changeling (DVD and Gimmicks) by Marc Lavelle

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The Changeling is a fully customisable VISUAL bill switch gimmick where size, colour, or even currency does not matter!


There are dozens of ways the change can occur, from a highly visual morph in the performers hands, to a very discrete switch in the SPECTATORS own hand!

There are three fully worked and highly responsive routines performed and taught in detail on this DVD, but there are many, MANY other routine possibilities - some of which are suggested in the discussion section.

Effects taught:

Bill Monte:
A modern demonstration of an old bet, where two notes change places in an instant, whilst the spectator has their hand on one of them!

Note-Possible: A signed, borrowed note changes in the spectators hand for a lesser value note (or coupon etc) as a kicker, their signed note appears in your (card to) wallet!

Two Bill Transpo: This will truly mess with your spectators heads! A borrowed note is isolated in a glass between their hands. Then, in an instant, it visibly switches with a note placed on the palm of the magicians hand!

All routines taught can be performed in so many different ways, with loads and loads of handling options, to suit every style of performer!

Manufacturer Titanas Magic Productions
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Review Review by Ron Williams
Satisfaction 60%
A very clever effect. But nobody tells the buyer that one needs to spend another £20 or so to prepare the "gimmick" which actually involves destroying currency notes. There is something in me that balks at cutting up money! That said, once prepared as advised in the video, the gaffed notes can make a bewildering performance.

(Posted on 07/10/2015)

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