Clean Cash (U.K.)by Marc Oberon

Clean Cash (U.K.)by Marc Oberon

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A bill switch so eye popping it looks like real magic!

Starting with a blank piece of paper, a simple wave of the hand creates a real £20 note!

This is magic that a real magician would do, and something that your spectators can really relate to. It's like a license to print money!

Marc Oberon has created a brand new method to this classic of magic, which eliminates any unnatural moves. The performer's hands are clearly seen to hold only the paper or the note, with no funny moves or 'thumb tips' in sight. It is easy to do, simple to adjust to any currency, and looks so incredibly open and fair that your spectators will be stunned by this magical effect!

The magician displays a blank piece of paper to the audience. With a simple wave of the hand, it magically changes into a £20 note!

Clean Cash is a very visual bill switch, which allows the performer to demonstrate something that most people only dream of. That is to make money from nothing, or in this case- change a blank piece of paper into a real banknote! With a mere wave of the hand, the performer creates an eye popping change, which looks great, and is unique because at the end, both hands are completely 'clean'. They are seen to hold only the newly created banknote with no 'thumbs' or extra notes in sight. Everything seems incredibly open, fair and 'clean', which makes for a lovely magical effect.
Manufacturer Marc Oberon
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Review Review by Simon Cutmore
Customer Rating 80%
There were some less than complimentary reviews of this on youtube. Mainly about how much better Extreme Burn and Bare Hands Bill Production etc are.

I have all three but as a beginner, I really like this one. It's easy to learn, taught me a fair bit about angles and handling and also to watch where the light is coming from.

It gets that "Huh?" look from spectators, especially when you fold the £20 into your pocket and walk off like you just got a free six pack.

You can stick it in your normal wallet for impromptu moments, ready to go and you won't spend it by mistake.

For someone like me who doesn't carry cards etc everywhere, this is the smallest, neatest, authentic looking effect I have.

(Posted on 07/12/2015)

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