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  1. Colour Divination

    Colour Divination

    Three different coloured rods are handed to a spectator. The performer holds a metal container with a cover and with his head turned instructs the spectator to place any rod into the container and sea...

    Only £29.99

  2. Miracle Dice

    Miracle Dice

    A small box is shown to contain 6 dice. The dice are showing the numbers 1 through 6 on top. The lid is replaced and an extra die is shown. The spectator rolls the die on the table to select a number....

    Only £17.99

  3. Spirit Deck

    Spirit Deck

    The performer shuffles a pack of cards. A spectator selects a card from the pack. The card is replaced in the middle of the pack. The performer puts the pack of cards on the table, and the spectato...

    Only £9.59

  4. Vanishing cards in Case

    Vanishing cards in Case

    A deck of cards is removed from a black plastic case. The box is opened and the cards are displayed inside.The cards are replaced in the box, the box is replaced in the case. When the case is turned o...

    Only £8.39

  5. Cut and Restored Rope

    Cut and Restored Rope

    A classic of magic! Imagine this: An examined piece of rope is cut into two pieces. The pieces are tied together and wrapped around the magician’s hand. When the rope is unwound, it has magically re...

    Only £8.39

  6. Ultimate Levitation System

    Ultimate Levitation System

    Learn the real secrets of the Hovering Card. Comes with levitation apparatus (invisible thread and putty) and instruction booklet with over a dozen bonus effects.each hanging bag

    Only £11.99

  7. Fire Wallet

    Fire Wallet

    The magician opens his wallet and it bursts into flames! It is closed, then opened again and appears to be a regular wallet. You can even have a selected card appear in the wallet. each hanging bag w/...

    Only £24.99

  8. Chop Cup Copper

    Chop Cup Copper

    The magician shows a small copper cup and a small crocheted ball. He places the ball in his pocket and it magically travels back to the cup. This is repeated. Suddenly a large ball appears! Comes pack...

    Only £29.99

  9. Sponge Rabbits

    Sponge Rabbits

    Imagine this: The magician places a red sponge rabbit in his own hand, then places another in the spectator’s hand. Quick as a wink, the magician opens his hand revealing the rabbit has vanished. Wh...

    Only £5.99

  10. Houdini Ring

    Houdini Ring

    The magician displays a shoelace and a solid steel ring. The ring is threaded onto the shoelace where it visibly melts off. Once again the ring is fairly threaded onto the shoelace. It is clearly disp...

    Only £17.99

  11. Fire Wire

    Fire Wire

    A card is selected by a spectator. It can be placed in their pocket or returned to the deck. The magician introduces a piece of wire. Passing the wire across a flame causes it to magically bend itself...

    Only £9.99

  12. Animated Card Deck

    Animated Card Deck

    Any card is named by the spectator. The cards are riffled and magically the back design becomes animated. An angel flies through the air and produces the spectator's card!

    Only £8.99

  13. Penetrating Rubberbands

    Penetrating Rubberbands

    Imagine this: A rubber band is held stretched between the left index fingertip and thumb. Another rubber band, dangling from the right fingertip, is lowered behind this first rubber band. The right th...

    Only £4.79

  14. The Illusionary Card Sleeve

    The Illusionary Card Sleeve

    The Illusionary Card Sleeve is a modern magic utility device that can be used to make cards appear, disappear or to exchange one card for another. You will also learn to perform effects with other obj...

    Only £28.79

  15. Dice Bomb

    Dice Bomb

    Place a black die in the clear box. With a quick shake it explodes into 8 tiny dice! Or place the black die in the box. With a quick shake the die changes colour or even into another small object! E...

    Only £5.99

  16. Gozinta - Coin 2 Glass

    Gozinta - Coin 2 Glass

    Here's a baffling coin trick that's so easy to do it shouldn't be allowed!   For years, Houdini perfected techniques to escape from impossible locations.. He mastered the art and be...

    Only £9.99

  17. The Mummy

    The Mummy

    Here is a close-up mental marvel, that you will always love to carry with you and perform for your audiences or prospective clients.You show a small coffin and three small mummies, each of mummies are...

    Only £4.99

  18. Mind Control

    Mind Control

    Three playing sized cards are taken out of the carrying case and placed face up on the table. Each card has a different color dot. The spectator is asked to point to one of the cards with a pen the pe...

    Only £6.50

  19. Zeezo Hot Rod

    Zeezo Hot Rod

    Imagine this: A small rod is shown to have six different colored spots on each side. A spectator selects a color and magically all the spots vanish - except for the selected color! That is the Zeezo H...

    Only £11.50

  20. Houdini Deck

    Houdini Deck

    Houdini deck, a trick from Stephane Jardonnet. The magician shows a deck of cards to the audience and asks a spectator to choose a card and put it back into the deck; the deck is then blocked with thu...

    Only £10.50

  21. Spike The Coin

    Spike The Coin

    A puzzling penetration. The magician places a coin into a small round box. The coin fills the interior of the box. Yet the magician is able to penetrate the box with eight solid spikes - creating a "s...

    Only £2.10

  22. White Star - By Jim Critchlow

    White Star - By Jim Critchlow

       White Star: 'They groaned, they stirred, they all uprose, Nor spake, nor moved their eyes; It had been strange, even in a dream, To have seen those dead men rise.'- Coleridge, ‘The...

    Only £29.99

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