Deceptus -  By Jimmy Strange and The Merchant of Magic
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Deceptus - By Jimmy Strange and The Merchant of Magic

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)


It's time to stop thinking outside the box, and start thinking inside the can!


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 As performed on TV by Dynamo Magician Impossible

Deceptus is quite simply one of the best object penetration magic tricks available to magicians. You can throw common borrowed objects straight into a soda can. Rings, signed coins, lighters, and that's just the start.


The borrowed object really is inside the can!

The spectators can see their item through the drink hole, the only way to get the item out is to cut open the can!

Deceptus comes with a special gimmick that does the hard work for you. You learn multiple handlings to suit all skill levels. There is also an instant reset method where you melt the borrowed item from the can without having to cut open the can.


This is TV magic brought close up and practical, straight from the working repertoire of professional magician Jimmy Strange.


Here's a video we shot late at night in the Ruskin at the 2014 Blackpool Magic Convention. We told Alan Rorrison about Deceptus, showed him the gimmick and this is what he did with it:

Check out the guy in the pub that's reflected in the mirror behind Alan. He physically jumps back!


Warning - Not suitable for children

You will be cutting open a metal soda can, so this item is not suitable for children. It's vital that you wear suitable hand protection when handling a sharp knife and cutting open a can. We don't want anyone to hurt themselves using Deceptus! Deceptus is sold for information purposes only, and recommended for professional use, as you need to be careful and responsible when cutting open a metal can. You need to ensure the safety of your spectators and dispose of the can correctly at the end of the performance.


'I fricking Love this thing!'

Alan Rorrison - Consultant to Troy and Dynamo


'The BEST object through can ever! Period!'

Gerry Sims - Official DC magician and consultant to Troy


I'm LOVING this effect hugely! It's a fantastic effect! - Jamie Daws


Picked this little gem up yesterday, and I gotta say, this is the best magic purchase I have made in YEARS!!! looks totally like real magic, and is a piece of cake to do (something that really matters to me, as I am an idiot. HA). really great release - well done Jimmy! - Owen Packard BBM


Dynamo Performs Deceptus


Questions and Answers about Deceptus


Can I put objects inside the can when it is sealed and full?

The can needs to be open and empty. It's not possible to put an object inside it when full and sealed using Deceptus, although once you start playing with it, you might get ideas for adapting it to do something similar. Dominic Reyes is playing with that idea at the moment. (If it gets realised, he may send it out as a PDF free later, together with other users ideas etc) As it stands, it's better to just show the can, let them hold it, whilst you borrow an object from someone, then slam the object inside. Perhaps take the can back off them, and ask them to place the object on their outstretched hand. Bring the can down onto their hand and penetrate the object into the can.

Can you drink from the can at the start of the performance?

Ben does cover how he likes to be drinking from the can as he approaches a group, drains the last drop and uses the can for his opener. Chris Webb suggests having the can on the floor or planting it near a bin, pick it up and pour our a little soda to empty it, before using the can. See the included DVD for details.

Can the can be inspected before and after the trick?

When Jimmy Strange performs Deceptus he lets them handle the can at the start, then hands it to them to check that the object really is inside. This sort of controlled inspection works perfectly. He then cuts the can open himself for health and safety. We don't recommend that you give them the cut open can afterwards as a cut can isn't safe for them to play with. They are getting a very close look at it as you cut it open. Ben Williams goes into great detail about 'over proving' and how to avoid that.


Can I use any type of soda can?

 The included gimmick works with most popular cans worldwide, However, some soda cans may not be suitable. We use Pepsi cans in the UK and US to perform Deceptus. Most cans are of uniform design, so it takes seconds to test out a few of your favourite soda drinks to find the one you like best.


How should I present Deceptus?
Let them play with the soda can at the start, do a penetration, show the can, as you are showing that their object really is inside (it is) and then carefully cut the item out. End of trick. More than that would be anti-climactic.


Is Deceptus safe, easy to set up, and prepare?

Prep is just a couple of minutes per can. Super easy. You will be cutting open a metal can, so this item is not suitable for children. It's vital that you wear suitable hand protection when handling a sharp knife and cutting open the can. Deceptus is sold for information purposes only, and recommended for professional use, as you need to be careful and responsible when cutting open a metal can. You need to ensure the safety of your spectators and dispose of the can correctly at the end of the performance. 

Can you reuse the can?

You could reuse it, and Ben Williams covers how to do that on the DVD. The gimmick is designed to be used over and over again. We suggest you use the opportunity and cut the item out. It freaks them out and cans are cheap. If you need more, the event bar will probably have them. You can quickly prep more in the events green room, or a quite corner.


Feedback about Deceptus

Fantastic piece of magic invention. I do not normally give an opinion but this is pure genius - Steve Prescott


'This is great! The gimmick is perfect. DVD is very well produced and Ben teaches so many great handlings and tips.... all round, a great product. Awesome little addition for anyone who likes organic can/drinks magic. Nice work. Exactly what it says on the....can.' - Magic Mark

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Excellent Review by ian
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
As a beginner to Magic & just doing tricks for my friends and family I thought I would try out Deceptus on them, and it has totally amazed everybody.
It is so simple and easy to set up with the Dvd giving full instructions on how to set it up and how to present Deceptus it will amaze anybody you perform it for from the Grand-Kids to Aunts and Uncles "Anybody" a fantastic trick I would recommend this to everybody from beginner to expert I'm a pensioner and if I can do It anybody can.

(Posted on 06/10/2017)

Great little trick. Review by Matt
Satisfaction 100%
A really natural feeling illusion.

(Posted on 04/12/2016)

Review Review by James Bray
Satisfaction 100%
This was performed to me by Ben when I stopped by the shop. Deceptus is an unbelievably clean, Hard hitting effect which could not be any more visual if it tried. Looking for a reputation maker?? you've found it!!

(Posted on 12/01/2016)

Review Review by Peter Connolly
Satisfaction 100%
This effect is awesome, the gimmick is very high quality and seamless. Ideal for close up magic using everyday objects - it's very convincing. Preparation can look a little intricate but after you do this a few times, it's really very easy and I have the prep time down to about a minute. The handling routines on the DVD are very thorough and allow you to plan for all eventualities. Really good value.

(Posted on 01/01/2016)

Review Review by Wayne Cooper
Satisfaction 100%
So far I have only watched the DVD which gives a great presentation of the effect and I am looking forward to learning this trick. The only negative with this trick is the sound made engaging the gimmick, but handling this issue is explained on the DVD.

I can see this been a cool trick in bars / restaurants etc. where I generally perform my card tricks. I am currently thinking that my take/version would be to get an empty can off someone (or use your own that the waiter/bar person has served you) and then switch it for the gimmick and wait for the right time to start your illusion.

The illusion looks great with larger objects (ie items that do not fit through the drinking hole) and due to their size can only be removed by cutting open the can (from a spectator’s point of view).

The presentation on the DVD showing how to cut and fold open the can to remove the large object is great. At this point it would be great to simply throw the can into the recycle bin (behind the bar etc) and forget about it (the DVD explains not getting to attached to the can after the performance) but the problem is your gimmick has then gone and you won’t have chance to get it back if you finished the performance this way.

This got me thinking that maybe this trick should sell refills

Overall a great product & DVD that I am looking forward to perform.

(Posted on 23/11/2015)

Review Review by Glenn Fielding
Satisfaction 100%
I love this effect, perfect for any style of magic. Dvd is a very good tutorial taught by Ben Williams. It covers everything you need to know from start to finish including many different handlings. You will be performing this before the dvd has finished!

(Posted on 19/11/2015)

Review Review by christopher lomas
Satisfaction 100%
A fantastic effect. A minute or two to set up which makes it perfect for any environment. Take it most places just incase. Brilliant trick.

(Posted on 06/10/2015)

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