The Crossroad by The Blue Crown - DVD
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The Crossroad by The Blue Crown - DVD

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The spectator merely thinks of any card in the pack and names it out loud. The spectator shuffles the cards as much as they want. The cards are then dealt into two piles on the table. The spectator makes all the decisions, eliminating the pack that does not contain their card, according to their intuition. This happens multiple times until only two cards remain. The spectator is asked to choose one card from the two, and is also asked to change their mind if they wish. When only one card is left on the table, the magician reveals it to be the spectator's chosen card. This effect is easy to do, super powerful, and very practical. This is card magic at its finest!
Manufacturer The Blue Crown
Featured Product No
Cannot do what is states on the tin. Review by Brian
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 40%
The description and the trailer are very misleading. The spectator merely thinks of any card in the pack, then the spectator shuffles the pack as much as they want, that is totally false. Not impressed with it. I agree with Paul on his review.

(Posted on 19/09/2017)

The video is a little misleading to the actual effect Review by paul
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 60%
the trick is harder than suggested and doubt that it can be learnt as soon as you get it as claimed. It is a good trick but I found the introduction video a bit misleading .

(Posted on 15/08/2017)

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