Cups and Balls Set (Pro Quality)

Cups and Balls Set (Pro Quality)

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"No man can call himself a magician, until he has mastered the cups and balls" Harry Houdini

Many professional magicians make the Cups and Balls the highlight of their performances, and for good reason. This trick is a true classic, a real audience pleaser.

Regarded as the oldest illusion in magical history. Not only were actual cups found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, but the Beni Hasan Mural painting (which dates back to approximately 2500 B.C.) shows ancient Egyptian conjurers performing this illusion in the Pharoah's court. We definitely know that the magic of the cups and balls dates back 4,000 years.

Three cups, three balls. Make the balls appear and disappear, travel from under one cup to another- many, many routines! Easy to learn, but so amazing to see.

Smooth aluminum construction, with the rolled rib in the middle. Nicely balanced.

Comes with three cups, set of four knit balls and instructions. All packaged in a handy drawstring fabric bag.

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Review Review by Nicholas Toovey
Satisfaction 100%
Great value, nice quality, but this trick does take a lot of time to truly master and perfect, but well worth it!

(Posted on 10/01/2016)

Review Review by Matthew Smith
Satisfaction 100%
Very nice set of cups and balls. You will not be disappointed, and very cheap for what you get.

(Posted on 18/10/2015)

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