DarkSlide by Chris Ramsay
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DarkSlide by Chris Ramsay

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

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Darkslide by Chris Ramsay is a heart-stopper that has been flooring spectators with an incredibly open and fair card reversal.

His newest creation, Darkslide, gives you the ability to visually reverse the spectator's selection, in an open display of a fully fanned deck, right in front of their eyes, with nothing more than the flick of your finger.

Most card reversals involve some sort of knuckle busting move, however Darkslide takes away all the hard work and allows you to perform such a feat with a simple gesture.

 The plot is simple and powerful. They select their card, it's placed into a fanned deck, with a quick drag of your finger, they see their card visually reverse itself.

- Included gimmick resets in seconds

- Super easy to learn & perform

- Simple online video instructions included


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2017 Review by Ceri
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 80%
Satisfaction 40%
It's a beautiful trick when you see Ramsay perform. However, I can't get the gimmick to stay concealed. It's not as easy to perform as Chris makes out even if "all you have to do is be able to make a fan"! He goes through many trouble shooting which for me makes the trick a bit of a problem. If you have the time and patience it could be good effect and I have not taken an instant fondness to the effect. I keep telling myself to stop buying gimmicks!!!

(Posted on 22/07/2017)

Great idea, some issues Review by Carl
Satisfaction 60%
Sometimes when I perform this I flash the gimmick unwantingly. This gimmick requires a very good fan (not an okay one like others say). Other than that, if you can pull it off (Chris makes it look so easy) then it's a great effect

(Posted on 11/04/2017)

Simple but effective Review by Matra
Satisfaction 80%
All you need to know beforehand is how to fan cards. It doesn't have to be a perfect fan as he shows how to adjust fans for the gimmick to work. I'm not sure what would give first... The card, elastic or roughing fluid... The latter two are fixable but not so sure about the former.

It's a very visual trick and impressive but does require an hour or two's practice!

Would have preferred the guide to be a bit more beginner friendly but other than that it's a great purchase

(Posted on 06/09/2016)

Easy to perform Review by George Rumsey
Satisfaction 100%
My order arrived promptly here in Spain and the gimmick is very well made. The effect is easy to perform and the gimmick should last well even with heavy usage.

(Posted on 04/09/2016)

Fun Review by Adam Thompson
Satisfaction 80%
ood tutorial, always nice to have a good guide, but some additional practicing was needed outside of the trick, but that may of been a personal thing. But the best thing about this, is you can have some really good fun with an individual and really give off a good effect. Would buy it again of need be. Wouldn't recommend a group of more than 2 doing the trick, I felt really uncomfortable doing so.

(Posted on 09/08/2016)

My Way Review by jp
Satisfaction 80%
To perform this as advised I found the beginning of the routine a little awkward, but the middle and end are very clean. To get over this I use two decks and alter the routine a little, I've also added another little twist to it and now this is a great effect. Ordered a second one in error but already my mind is thinking of ways to use both gimmicks together.

(Posted on 04/08/2016)

I can see myself performing this Review by Dazzler UK
Satisfaction 100%
I've had time to watch the tutorial and have a little play with the gimmick. My initial thoughts are that I can see myself performing this when I have practiced a little more.
The first hour or so with the gimmick I found was a bit knacky and I'm worried that after I've mastered the handling of the gimmick it may need some slight attention before performing for real. Chris also mentions that the gimmick is good for around 100 performances before it may need attention (nothing major I may add)
This isn't a hard routine by any means and I do plan on using this.

(Posted on 03/08/2016)

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