Genii Magazine November 2018 - Book

Genii Magazine November 2018 - Book

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November 2018


PIFF: The Accidental Dragon
  • The Dragon and The Peacock by Jared Kopf
  • The Genii and The Dragon Interview by Richard Kaufman

Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam: Moi-yo Miller Montes by Mike Caveney
The Eye by Todd Karr
Now Performing
On the Slant
by Jon Racherbaumer
Classic Correspondence Les Levante to John Mulholland by Mike Caveney
Happiness is the Road ...sometimes you just go by Hannibal
Making Magic by Martin Lewis
Dealing With It On The Border by John Bannon
Notizen The Hole (El Agujero) by Alexander de Cova
Magicana by John Guastaferro
  • Between by Do Ki Moon
  • Centerfold by John Guastaferro
  • Blackjack Prediction by John Guastaferro and Simon Carmel
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Andrew Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule

Books Reviewed by John Lovick
  • DeLand: Mystery and Madness by Richard Kaufman
  • How To Make Love the Steve Spill Way by Steve Spill
Videos Reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh
  • Jon Armstrong Live Act by Jon Armstrong
  • Terry Ward Live Act by Terry Ward
Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
  • Of Dice and Men (Hug/Kill) by Tom Stone
  • In Plain Sight by Matt Johnson
  • Bliss by Noel Qualter
  • FIT (Coin Thru Ring) by Paul Carnazzo
  • The Ambitious Card from Hell by Jeff Nalazek
  • Blistering by James Anthony
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