Mechanic Optricks (Red) Deck by Mechanic Industries
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Mechanic Optricks (Red) Deck by Mechanic Industries

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

The Optricks Red Edition - Take your magic to another dimension

The animation of the original Optricks deck from Mechanic Industries proved to be a big hit. The bold black-and-white geometric design created a hypnotic optical illusion that was perfect for card magic and flourishes. Little wonder that many were disappointed to discover it was sold out. Now this innovative deck is back, even better than before! Our expert Mechanics took the Optricks Deck in for a complete overhaul. In the process, they made changes under the hood giving you the power to create a spectacular new kind of card magic that will have your spectators hardly believing their eyes.

The first thing you'll notice with the Optricks Red Edition is that the paintwork has been resprayed a stunning red. But that's just the start! It's been supercharged by adding a brand-new assortment of some of the most innovative gaff cards imaginable. And here at Mechanic Industries, we don't just believe in giving you a brand-new shiny deck with extras as standard. We also provide you with powerful magic routines created specially to showcase these cards at their very best. With options and accessories you've previously only dreamed about, our cutting edge creativity means you will combine optical illusions and sleight of hand, creating magic the likes of which have never been seen before.


PLEASE NOTE: The seal is used for one of the effects, so you may want to open it cleanly by inserting thin blade into the box and running it along the edge. However, the deck and be used inside any card tuck box.


- Flip-book animation
- Anamorphic Queen Gaff
- OptiBox 'Empty Box' Gaff
- Grinder Double Sider Gaff
- Double Backer
- Custom Ace of Spades
- Stylized standard court cards
- Bee Stock with Magicians Finish
- Printed by USPCC
- Exclusive Free Tutorials

Our new Anamorphic Gaff - twisting sight and bending minds

This is a totally new concept in sleight of hand. Our eye-popping anamorphic gaff card uses an optical illusion technique to open up a whole new world of exploration. Now you can use your favorite sleights and color changes in order to create routines that will astound your audiences in a whole new way. It's based around the anamorphic art concept, where your view point makes the most magical moments come to life. We're supporting this card by providing you with a host of routines and sleight combinations for easy-to-do, hard-hitting magic.

Our new OptiBox Gaff - a new angle on empty box trickery

The OptiBox Gaff is our ingenious approach to a faux 'empty box' type routine. We've come up with a gaff that is easy to implement and use - on just about any deck! You won't need any advanced sleight of hand, due to the deceptive and clever method our engineers have come up with. With fair and easy handling, this surprising effect won't arouse your audience's suspicion, but is certain to blow their minds. Even people who knew in advance what illusion we were creating were fooled by it when they first saw it!The magician will welcome this powerful concept we've created, because you can easily use it to enhance your existing routines. Or use your own creativity to develop whole new routines around it. Once again, we'll get you started by including a detailed video that teaches you how to hook up your gaff, and a couple of routine ideas to inspire you.

Our Extras - the Grinder card and the double backer

Our Grinder Coin Joker is back - with a complete visual upgrade. The realistic rendering and shadows of the new Grinder artwork link the artwork to the real world and will really play tricks with your spectators. Now it's a double-facer, with one side featuring the Grinder Coin, and the other side a very realistic tear hole. This is designed to strengthen the illusion that the coin is literally being ripped from the card into real life. It will also simplify routines like Grindout and make the handling much easier. To avoid any cold morning starts, we've created a couple of concept tutorials that will help you get the most out of this card.

We'll also include a versatile double backer with the deck. We appreciate card magic here at Mechanic Industries, so we know that you can use this to perform a wide range of magic. In addition, our videos will also show you how to use this card in conjunction with the gaffs for a seamless performance.

Join us for a fast-paced ride into a new dimension of magic with the new Optricks Red Edition.


Optricks Deck Tutorials


Manufacturer Mechanic Industries Ltd
Featured Product No
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
After 30 years break from magic as a hobby this is a great illusion that is fairly simple to work. Quality product and certainly eye catching. Great for impromptu performance as little set up required. I will be using this illusion in front of the next generation of kids in our family and adults, too, at my business groups as an ice breaker. Great service from MoM as always!

(Posted on 02/10/2018)

A new deck is born Review by Kyle
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
When i saw the red optricks deck was coming out i was like yes get in i heard so much about the black deck that i had to get a red one i it does not disappoint so many amazing tricks you can do I have just received mine and wow minds blown already safe to say this will be the only deck i use for a while

(Posted on 28/09/2018)

Three innovative gaff cards, plus a deck with a hypnotic flip animation effect! Review by EndersGame
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
This new deck from Mechanic Industries is brimming with innovation and illusion. The previous Optricks deck was in black, while the second edition is in red, and takes all the animations and innovations of the original deck to the next level. The difference with the tuck box of this new edition is obvious: it's simply undergone a respray with the black being replaced by red. For the rest, the details are the same - why fix something if it ain't broken? But as we all know, fire engines are painted red because it's a faster colour, and there is something about the impact of this visually captivating image that grabs us from the get-go, especially in red.


The subtitle of the deck gives us some indication of what we're in for when we take this bad boy for a joyride: "Animated Playing Cards" and "Illusion Backs". In other words, get ready for a real head spin, courtesy of some optical illusions! Don't say you weren't warned - one look at the back of the box will already give you an indication of the kind of hypnotic impact this deck can create, since it appears as an optical illusion. The card backs feature this same signature hypnotic design, which has been inherited from the original deck, and is composed of a series of squares. The more you look at the back design, the more different shapes and styles you see popping out at you. The cumulative impact of the red and white lines in a geometric style creates a hypnotising and mesmerising look that can start making you go giddy just by staring at it!

But what is especially great about the back design is that when the deck is riffled, each card back flips from one to another, and due to slight differences from one card to the next, this creates a mesmerising and hypnotic illusion as the cards are flipped through. It appears as if the squares sink into each other and come to a point, and truly is a great piece of optical trickery. For this to work, however, the deck ideally does need to be in its original order. The flip animation doesn’t look quite as effective when the deck has been shuffled, but it still does look impressive!


The Ace of Spades hasn't changed from the successful first edition, and is composed of black and white lines, that simultaneously does its job of communicating the Spade suit, as well as continuing the illusion effect. Besides the Ace of Spades, the cards have a relatively standard look - which is what we'd want in a deck that is also intended for card magic. The Jokers are custom (we'll get to those in a moment), and the court cards have undergone some simple customization by giving them a simple red and black colour scheme. This adds to their striking impact, despite the familiar look.


But you can take things to the next level once you realize that besides the optical illusion and animations of the card backs, the Mechanic Industries crew have also built in the potential for some more great magic courtesy of four special gaff cards. These extra cards allow you to perform some great and creative magic, especially with the help of the great (free!) video tutorials available from Mechanic Industries.

1. Double Backer: The first of the gaff cards is fairly standard: a versatile double-backer.

2. Grinder card: The previous version of this deck had two Jokers that featured a coin-like back design, and could be used in conjunction with the blank faced card to create the illusion that the ink was being shaken off the Joker card, or that the coin design was being pulled off. This illusion worked best when performed with a matching Grinder Coin available from Mechanic Industries. The Red Edition of this deck improves on this concept by making the artwork of the coin on the card much more realistic. It's now a double-faced card, and while one side pictures the Grinder Coin, the other pictures a very realistic tear hole. This gives possibilities for creative routines which make it look as if the coin is being ripped right out of the card!

3. Anamorphic Gaff: This is perhaps the best gaff card of them all, and certainly will add a whole new dimension to your card magic. This gaff card pictures a Queen of Hearts, which can be used in conjunction with the regular Queen of Hearts from the deck, to create a most original optical illusion, that makes it look like the card is somehow being seen through the deck! Known as an anamorphic illusion, it relies on distorting or stretching an image to create an artificial sense of perspective. It really does bend the mind, and gives the potential for performing magic of a type that has never been seen before!

4. Optibox Gaff: The final gaff card requires some set-up, but once it is ready to go, it will make your card box look empty - even though it contains an entire deck. Angles and lighting are important in order to pull this off, but it is a very creative and convincing illusion when everything comes together perfectly. While not likely to be a headlining routine in and of itself, this is something that can easily be used in conjunction with other effects, for that extra punch that really blows peoples minds.


Given the unique nature of these gaff cards, you'll need some help getting started with these fun cards. Fortunately Mechanic Industries is providing us with everything we need, including full online instruction via detailed video tutorials. In fact, you don't even need a secret code to access these - you can go ahead and check these videos out right now on their website for free. So you'll know exactly what you get, how it works, so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is a deck for you. With innovative gaff cards, and tutorials explaining how to get the most out of them, this deck is definitely something that an experienced card worker and magician can use to make people's heads spin, and blow their minds! - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 16/09/2018)

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