Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni
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Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni

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A real start clean-end clean hookup. The first haunted pack that allows you to shuffle before, during and after the effect. Any named four of a kind shoots out of the pack!

Single card version:
The spectator merely touches the card and it's never removed from the pack, yet the magician is able to command the deck to open by itself, and the selected card shoots out from the pack, everything being examinable right there.

Four card version:
From a shuffled pack by the spectators, any 4 of a kind is named (no forces). The pack is cut and shuffled, placed on the table, where it opens by itself at the command of the magician only, and the 4 of a kind shoots out when the magician wants it. A real crowd pleaser.

Bonus effect - Rotor Transfer:
The classic effect of a hummer card, simplified and with a killer ending - the magician transfers a flying credit card to his assistant. (No skill required!)

Manufacturer Mariano Goni Fernandez
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Seems good so far Review by Jay
Customer Rating 80%
Totally new to this set up, fun learning something new though. Good illusion explained well in dvd.

(Posted on 18/08/2016)

Haunted Review Review by Dazzler UK
Customer Rating 100%
This isn't bad. The method is not new to me but its a different hook up than the ones I know of. The hummer card effect bonus is good. Will I use this haunted deck.....maybe. I may stick to the original loops method as this still slays.

(Posted on 03/08/2016)

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