Born To Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman

Born To Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Card tricks are fun, lets face it. Not only that but they can win you a drink or two!


If we are asked here at the Merchant of Magic how can I learn card magic? Born to Perform is our answer!
Learning how to do card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks. Where You Born to Perform Card Magic?

 Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman is one of our favourite tuition DVDs on the subject of card magic. It really is a one stop shop for learning sleight of hand with playing cards! Learn to find spectator's cards, shuffle like a boss, magically change cards with just a wave of the hand! And this is just the beginning!


Mechanic's Grip

Biddle Grip

Pinky Break

Thumb Break

Dribble to Secure a Break

Swing Cut

Swivel Cut

Double Lift

Top Palm



Ultimate Transpo

Two Card Monte

Biddle Trick

Ambitious Card

Card to Mouth

Slop Shuffle

Blossom Production



Classic Pass

Hindu Shuffle Pass

Double Undercut

 One Handed Top Palm

Elmsley Count

 Spread Cull

 Swing Swivel Cut





Hindu Shuffle


Riffle Shuffle






2 Handed Thumb Fan

Le Paul Spread

Springing the Cards

Erdnase Color Change

One Handed Thumb Fan

Hot Shot Cut

Pendulum Cut

Trinary Cut


Born to Perform really is all you need when starting out with card magic. In fact, the card magic performed in this DVD is the same caliber of card magic that you would see many close up magicians around the world performing, it is THAT GOOD!
If you want to go out and astonish people with no more than a pack of playing cards then this DVD is FOR YOU!
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An expanded and updated version of a modern classic in the fundamentals of card magic Review by EndersGame
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%

I recently picked up the new edition of Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform Card Magic DVD, which was released in 2013. I was curious how it compared with the original DVD that was released in 2003, and in this review I'll summarize what the differences are, and what the contents of the new edition include.


The new edition is billed as an updated/expanded version, and that's clearly evident when you compare the length of the two videos:
2003 version: 1 hour 44 minutes
2013 version: 3 hours 48 minutes


So what's the difference exactly? Well for starters, Oz himself is now 10 years older, and has a lot more professional experience under his belt. He has a new look and even a new smile. Everything has been re-filmed and the explanations have been re-done from scratch. Most of the content covers the same material, but not exactly - I'll mention what exactly those differences are in the next section.


Not everything that was in the 2003 edition of the DVD is found in the 2013 edition, and several sections from the original have vanished. These are the following:
a) Controls: - Classic Pass; - Hindu Shuffle Pass; - One Handed Top Palm; - Elmsley Count
b) Forces: - Riffle Force


The new edition is about twice as long, and that's because some of the explanations are more detailed and elaborate, but also because it has some new material. Here's a list of all the new topics:
a) Controls: - Gamblers Cop; - False Overhand Shuffle
b) Forces: - Dribble Force; - Spread Cull Force
c) Flourishes: - Swivel Change
d) Routines: - Slop Shuffle; - Card to Mouth; - Blossom Production


It's a pity to see some material from the original version left out in the new version, especially the Riffle Force (given its popularity), and the Elmsley Count (given that it is used in so many tricks). I'm also curious why a decision was made to eliminate the Pass, although this is a more advanced move that is typically beyond the scope of beginners, and perhaps that's why it was removed. If material was going to be added, the Glide would have been an obvious addition as a fairly basic sleight, so I'm surprised that this continues to be an omission from what is intended to be a good introduction to fundamentals.

But the additional elements are very solid, and the increased number of routines in the new version will especially be welcome to many people. What I like most, however, is the fact that the sleights and moves are taught in a little more detail, and I think the more elaborate explanations here are very helpful.

Oz himself appears to have lost some of his youthful innocence, and comes across a little more brash and almost over-confident. I'm still not quite sure what to make of his new business suit attired persona, or whether I prefer the younger Oz. But he is still an excellent teacher, and that's really what this video is all about. It's always been an excellent choice for relative beginners looking to get a good handle on the fundamentals of card magic, and overall this enhanced version only makes a good thing even better.


Oz Pearlman's "Born to Perform Card Magic" DVD has always been applauded for being a great introduction to the fundamentals of card magic, and one of the better entries in this genre. The updated and expanded 2013 edition takes something that is a proven success, and expands it for a new audience that may not be familiar with the original. It still deserves to be one of the top recommendations for new magicians, and continues to be an excellent starting point to give beginners a good head-start with their card magic.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 04/01/2018)

This is a brilliant DVD, moving from the very basics to more skillful manipulations. Review by Les
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
This is a brilliant DVD, moving from the very basics to more skillful manipulations. I sat and watched it through, thought, well, that all looks very straightforward, and started to imitate what I had seen. Ha ha! I then went back to the very beginning, and I am still practising the basic grips and cuts - stiff old fingers need to time to acclimatise and work more fluidly :) I would recommend this DVD to any aspiring card magician, and I'm so glad I bought it.

(Posted on 16/08/2017)

Absolutely brilliant! Review by Darren
Satisfaction 100%
This DVD is fantastic. The quality of the effects is superb...had great reactions to them...also Oz has a way of teaching that is so easy to follow...great buy especially at that price!

(Posted on 25/06/2016)

Recommended Review by Simon Birch
Satisfaction 100%
I was told about this by a friend who said it is way better than youtube teaching and it lived up to it's reputation. A must have if you want to learn magic right.

(Posted on 06/04/2016)

Review Review by Darren Cope
Satisfaction 100%
very good dvd if your just starting they explain it very well

(Posted on 03/01/2016)

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