Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 - DVD

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 - DVD

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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks has a fantastic reputation. Winner of the Best Magic Tricks Awards 2012 and recommended by professional magicians as the number one starting place for learning self working card tricks. Now Volume 2 is here! It's stuffed with awesome card magic tricks that need NO sleight of hand or previous knowledge of card magic.

You will learn 9 self working card magic tricks that are so easy to perform, that if you can hold a deck of playing cards in your hand, you can do these professional magic tricks.

All the card magic tricks on this magic tuition DVD are self working, which means you can focus on having fun and entertaining your audience.

Volume 1 of Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks set a very high bar, and volume 2 pushes that even further! There's card magic tricks on this DVD are so clever that they will trick you, even as YOU perform them.
If you want to expand your card magic range, add some useable card tricks to your working material, or simply want easy to do magic to start you off learning card magic, this is the DVD the team at The Merchant of Magic recommends every time.

Lock the doors, draw the curtains, pick up your playing cards, as magicians James Went, Liam Montier, Iain Moran, Ryan Schlutz and Owen Packard, teach you something amazing.


  • The Mind Mirror by Jack McMillan
  • Convergence by Cameron Francis
  • Stock Exchange by John Guasterferro
  • Sense-sational by Ryan Schultz
  • Poker Pairadox by John Bannon
  • Four Most by Peter Duffie
  • Password Fallacy by Jim Steinmeyer
  • Amara Rises Again By Ryan Matney
  • Blind Choice By Roy Walton




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Manufacturer Big Blind Media - Owen Packard
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