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  1. Mystery Deck

    Mystery Deck

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    Only £9.99

  2. Buzz Kill by John Bannon

    Buzz Kill by John Bannon

    A packet trick that packs a STING! Buzz Kill is a brilliant bit of commercial magic that packs small (just a thin packet of cards) but delivers a mighty wallop. The nine specially printed cards make a...

    Only £19.50

  3. CONNECTED by Vinny Sagoo

    CONNECTED by Vinny Sagoo

    One of the cleanest and easiest mind-reading effects ever created! The Low-Down! You hand someone a plastic card with colorful objects on one side and wheels on the other. They mentally select ANY obj...

    Only £19.50

  4. Anne Stoke Steampunk Playing Cards

    Anne Stoke Steampunk Playing Cards

    This deck of playing cards comes from the world-renowned artwork of Gothic and Fantasy artist, Anne Stokes. There are 52 fantastically detailed cards, each showing a different mechanical image from ...

    Only £5.00

  5. Fourtunate by David Jonathan

    Fourtunate by David Jonathan

    A circle is drawn on the cellophane of a card box. The circle is shown to your spectator. In this circle, you draw one card; this card will be your SECRET PREDICTION. The deck is removed from the card...

    Only £38.99

  6. Sleight of Hand For Beginners - Training Course

    Sleight of Hand For Beginners - Training Course

    The Next Step After Self Working Card Tricks.Sleight of Hand for Beginners.  Starting to learn card magic tricks can be a daunting prospect. Many magicians start by learning a range of self worki...

    Only £39.99