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  1. Mental Pen

    Mental Pen

    Mental Pen by João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno   Want to blow away your spectators with diabolical mentalism? Welcome to Mental Pen, a diabolical creation of João Miran...

    Only £33.75 Exc VAT

  2. TRAVEL (Red) by Mickael Chatelain
    Only £23.22 Exc VAT

  3. TRAVEL (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain

    TRAVEL (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain

    In the world of magic, there are THOUSANDS of tricks and as many gimmicks, each one crazier than the next... We're proud to offer you a trick using, as far as we know, a TOTALLY NEW gimmick! There's n...

    Only £22.92 Exc VAT

  4. Leap by Agus Tjiu

    Leap by Agus Tjiu

    Leap is a Coin-Through-Glass (or Ring-Through-Glass) effect, greatly improved in its presentation and method versus "the old days."  There have been many great methods available in differ...

    Only £59.58 Exc VAT

  5. EVANESCE by Mike Liu

    EVANESCE by Mike Liu

    After three years in the making and 10 different prototypes, we can now bring you the very best, hand crafted fashion tool for the modern magician. It will enable you to VANISH, RETRIEVE, SWITCH, LINK...

    Only £46.25 Exc VAT

  6. STAB by Peter Eggink

    STAB by Peter Eggink

    A card is selected from the deck, folded in half widthwise, and the center is torn out so an actual hole is created in the middle of the card. Next, you borrow a bill from your spectator, fold it in h...

    Only £15.42 Exc VAT

  7. Triple C (Red) by Christian Engblom
    Only £24.99 Exc VAT

  8. Triple C (Blue) by Christian Engblom

    Triple C (Blue) by Christian Engblom

    "Christian always has very nice, interesting, and clever ideas. This one is VERY practical-- believe me." - Juan Tamariz, The Master "Triple C should be re-named: Triple I; Ingenious, Innovative and I...

    Only £24.99 Exc VAT

  9. Marksman Deck (Online Instructions and Gimmick) by Luke Jermay
    Only £27.08 Exc VAT

  10. Tiny Fork Bend By Jimmy Strange

    Tiny Fork Bend By Jimmy Strange

    Tiny Fork Bend  Do business cards seem 'old fashioned' to you?    Many magicians find that handing out a business card is a little old fashined. Tiny Fork Bend was created to allow...

    Only £14.99

  11. MEDIUM by Hugo Valenzuela

    MEDIUM by Hugo Valenzuela

    "Everything that is invisible to the eye is often difficult to believe. For this reason, many people still question the existence of the spirits and energies..." Say the above during your performance,...

    Only £37.49 Exc VAT

  12. Tarantula 2 by Yigal Mesika

    Tarantula 2 by Yigal Mesika

    "Incredible innovations!" - Dynamo"The Tarantula II is magically genius!" - Cyril "Yet again, Yigal has taken magic to new heights!" - Dan White When Yigal Mesika's groundbreaking Tarantula was first ...

    Only £59.97 Exc VAT

    Only £29.16 Exc VAT

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  14. Phantom Wallet

    Phantom Wallet

    Would you like performing mental effects using an item that's always with you? Imagine never having to say, "I forgot to carry magic with me today!" Well, read on! The Phantom Wallet is a stylish wall...

    Only £134.16 Exc VAT

  15. Trespassing


    What is Trespassing? An incredible, moving effect! This trick looks so great that it resembles a special effect, and leaves an amazing impression on your audience. We call it Trespassing. Your spectat...

    Only £18.75 Exc VAT

  16. Bare by The Other Brothers
    Only £33.33 Exc VAT

  17. SPIRALED by Jimmy Strange
    Only £12.27 Exc VAT

  18. Visions by Matthew Wright
    Only £22.92 Exc VAT

  19. The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black)

    The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black)

    The Gift is an effect with a method so clever that you'll feel a giddy urge to reveal the method to your spectators. We don't suggest that you actually do this.  "Angelo fooled me with hi...

    Only £66.67 Exc VAT

  20. Xchange by Eric Jones

    Xchange by Eric Jones

    From the creative mind of Eric Jones and from Tango Magic, we introduce Xchange. With this semi-automatic coin trick, a copper and silver coin exchange places in the most magical ways. The final seque...

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    Now Only £29.99

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  21. Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez
    Only £39.79 Exc VAT

  22. Steel by Rasmus - The Real Metal Bending Nail

    Steel by Rasmus - The Real Metal Bending Nail

    Steel by Rasmus is the First Real-Time Nail Bend in the History of Magic!    STEEL is the first real nail bend to date. It is Rasmus's underground method, used by him for many year...

    Only £38.43 Exc VAT

    Out of stock

  23. InvisiBill (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Josh Janousky

    InvisiBill (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Josh Janousky

      Invisibill allows you to take the classic Omni plot to the streets!   Invisibill takes your money magic leaps beyond the norm by adding a truly unexpected kicker ending. A sim...

    Only £19.16 Exc VAT

  24. Whiplash by Josh Janousky
    Only £14.99 Exc VAT

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