HEAT - The Hot Hands Miracle + Bonus Ideas ebook
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HEAT - The Hot Hands Miracle + Bonus Ideas ebook

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

Hot Heat: A small ball of tin foil becomes red hot in the spectators hand!


Sympathetic Heat :

The magician takes some tin foil and rolls it into two small balls. He gives one to the spectator to hold. He then holds the remaining ball with some tweezers and places it in the flame of a candle to heat up. The ball held in the hand of the spectator will also heat up, as if the heat from the magicians ball transfers to the spectator’s ball!


Voodoo Heat :

This performance is very simple, perform the routine as taught but ask a second spectator to hold out their hand palm down. Hold a lighter about 10 inches beneath their hand and light it. Tell the first spectator (the spectator holding the foil) that they will feel the heat from the flame and the second spectator with the lighter underneath their palm will feel nothing.


Hot Spot – Sex Test :

This is the preferred routine of the creator – Carl De Rome. Ask the spectator whether they have ever taken the ‘Sex Test’. This usually gets a good laugh, although it tends to get a better reaction from a group of women rather than a group of men! Proceed with the method we teach you, as usual and as you hand the balled up tin foil to the spectator ask them to imagine what it feels like to have really good sex. Naturally the foil will heat up and the spectator will begin to laugh, until it gets too hot of course, in which case you can tell them they must have a very vivid imagination! Performed with a cheeky smile and not with a perverse, drooling leer this can be a very funny routine!


Also included :

Bottle of special solution

Full handling instructions

Great routines covering handlings for Close-up Magic, Bizarre Performances, Comedy Magic, Cabaret and Stage Shows

The bottled HEAT solution should LAST HUNDREDS OF PERFORMANCES, roughly one bottle may last the average magician ONE YEAR.

Sold to over 18s only.


'This is a killer effect and always fooled everyone. Fooled many magicians too. I give you folks a great big thumbs up and say thanks for the 21st century version.' - Jerry Foster, California.
'HEAT is the best,
It's going into my new show' - Luke Jermay
'This is SO MUCH fun to perform. I've been using HEAT at the IVY during drinks and it gets an unbelievable reaction. BE WARNED: As the spectator starts freaking out, the whole room stops to watch. This starts off a close-up effect, but very quickly turns into a 'stage' effect', as it grabs everyone's attention! This is a great closer to any walk-around session!' - Dominic Reyes


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Thanks for the great support for HEAT Review by Carl de Rome maker of HEAT
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
Just looked over the reviews on this page, and thought I would say thank you personally to the people who have reviewed my HEAT and like it,
I just got back myself from the Blackpool magic convention, and I sold out of HEAT and in the end had to take orders to send out when i got back home to Norway, But you have NO PROBLEM as here at the Merchant of Magic they have been stocking HEAT for over 8 years now,
many top stars of the magic world have bought and used HEAT, including Steven Frain alias Dynamo, he has now used HEAT in not one TV special but 2 TV Specials ( magician Impossible and The Concrete Playground,, also Luke Jermay raves about the effect, and even Portugals number one magician Louis DE Matos personally ordered a bottle of HEAT, the great thing about heat is The more times you perform it to the same group of people the better reaction it gets,

(Posted on 01/03/2019)

Thanks guys for the great reviews Review by Carl de Rome...... Maker of the HEAT Effect
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
Just to thank the two people above John and Warren for stating how good they like HEAT.
i totally agree with you, its a Closer for any walk about, as it leaves them speechless and wanting it performed on there mates, the good thing about HEAT is the morte you do it to the same people, the better reaction it gets,
TIPP i do this all the time, when you walk away, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE SOME FOIL BEHIND ON THE TABLE, as soon as you do, they will grab the foil and try it themselves,,,, as you know it dont work for them,

(Posted on 13/08/2018)

Mad Review by Warren L.
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
I do this trick right at the end of the routine and as soon has it's done, they don't want to see any more, it sends people crazy,.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Excellent Review by john
Satisfaction 100%
Firstly i would like to say yet another great piece of customer service from the guys at MoM.Placed my order a few days before Christmas and it arrived within a day cant thankyou enough.About Heat a very versitile little trick can be used in pretty much any situation and gives top class reactions.I use this at every oppertunity i can its always in my pocket.This is one of those dont leave home without it tricks.Love it.

(Posted on 28/12/2016)

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