I Create as I Speak - By Lewis le Val 1 & 2 BUNDLE - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

I Create as I Speak - By Lewis le Val 1 & 2 BUNDLE - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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"The highly anticipated writings of Discovery Channel Star Lewis Lé Val of "The Mind Control Freaks."

Learn to harness the power of REAL suggestion.

I was very hesitant about releasing these secrets. I do not know how long this book will be available for.

Using the power of words you will be able to make people freeze in time and become human statues, stick their hands to tables or their feet to the ground so they cannot move, make the items in their pockets become too heavy for them to lift and more! This is the real deal, the power of suggestion. This is, ‘I Create As I Speak’.

In psychology the definition of suggestion is the action of influencing a person to accept an idea or belief uncritically. In these pages I will show you exactly how to do just that. Using a collection of my favourite techniques, along with elements from other proven techniques, I will help you to develop and strengthen your suggestion skills and show you how you can make suggestion based effects work whilst feeling comfortable and confident performing them.

In this book I explain what suggestion is and how/why it works, along with popular theories and my interpretation of them. I explain how to get in to the right frame of mind you need to be in to use suggestion effectively, using some clever techniques that can also be used in other aspects of your performances and even in your life! I show you the best ways to select your subjects for performing suggestion effects with, and then also various methods of applying suggestion. I teach some of my go-to routines with full presentations along with ways you can take your performances further and even create your own suggestion effects. I have also included numerous ways of dealing with the situation if your suggestion doesn’t work with a particular spectator, and within these pages you will find ‘Dead’, a clever use of suggestion to stop a spectator’s pulse, my go-to out. There is also a section with some frequently asked questions by spectators, and suitable answers you can give to them.

This is anytime, anywhere, impromptu, 100% psychological, power of suggestion.

(Please note this book does not teach hypnosis in the traditional sense of the word. If you are already an experienced user of suggestion or hypnosis then you may not need this book. I Create As I Speak is aimed at performers of magic and/or mentalism who have some experience dealing with people in the ‘real world’ and would like to add suggestion to their repertoire.) 




Lewis Lé Val is a master hypnotist from Liverpool, UK. He's travelled the world performing incredible demonstrations of mind control on stage, close up and on his TV shows that have been seen in over 224 countries worldwide.

With his first book, "I Create As I Speak", Lé Val discussed suggestion and hypnosis without trance. In this incredible new offering, he discusses all of his work on true hypnosis, honed over years of real world performances.

Not only will you discover the real secrets of hypnosis, you will also discover how to employ these effects into your act and he even divulges his use of hypnosis on his hit TV shows. 

Lewis also shares his S.A.F.E.R. system, and his unique structure "The Third Act Of The Sleeper Man" - The latter being worth the ticket price alone; it ensures that your subject not only enjoys their experience, but gives them a lasting mental token they will remember for a long time.

No stone is left un-turned. No mind will resist your new found powers.

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Intriguing Review by jp
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
I suppose the natural progression for many aspiring magicians is towards mentalism. It was not really something I wanted to delve into due to the 'high-risk of failure' aspect. With the type of audience I have, who thrive on mishaps more than miracles, I needed something more fail-safe. Nevertheless I took a furtive glance at mentalism and in all honesty, I was a little disappointed. To my mind mentalism was merely audience control, something you possess or do not, there are thousands of amateur magicians on youtube that have skills but no presence.

The disappointing aspect of mentalism was the fact the techniques I found I had been using since very young. I felt a little cheated but on reflection it was an epiphany of sorts. The techniques though familiar were honed and there was more of an insight into manipulating audiences. I feel I can communicate with most anyone on any level, be they dockworkers or CEO's. Mentalism gave me a little guidance for my rudderless ship.

As I direct result I purchased this package and whilst sceptical, I see how this can and does work. I was tempted just to buy the second part of this package but am pleased I opted for both. The first is worth the price alone in my opinion, mostly because I instantly saw so many routine options. As a stand alone without a little magic and mentalism, I would maybe not be so enthusiastic, but to combine all three the routines are without limit. The first two effects highlighted in the book are fine for people who just want to perform, but for those who really want to take their acts to the next level it is essential to purchase part 2.

I don't think this is for everyone though, I gave a 2 star for simplicity which I deem fair for those who just want a handy little addition to their routine without delving too deep. For those who do want to go in depth, this is as stated very much dependent on your own personality and presence. Very interesting reading

(Posted on 29/08/2017)

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