I Create As I Speak 1 eBook - Lewis Le Val - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
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I Create As I Speak 1 eBook - Lewis Le Val - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Do you want to take your magic performance to the next level?

Have you ever wanted to cause a spectator's feet to be stuck or have their hand stick to the table, using only words?

Do you want to learn a suggestion routine but worry if you will be able to pull it off?


If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes then I Create As I Speak (Abracadabra) by Lewis Le Val is for you.


Mentalism like this causes a stir.


It is visual. If you look across a room and see someone with their hand stuck on their head you instantly know something amazing is happening.

It is 'real'. This is as close to real as you can get. There are no gimmicks, no setup, all you need is a participant and the words taught in this eBook.

It changes people's perception of you. When spectators see that you have this type of mind control, their perception shifts from thinking you are a great magician or mind reading entertainer to 'you are actually magic' or 'you can actually read minds'.


'In psychology the definition of suggestion is the action of influencing a person to accept an idea or belief uncritically. In these pages I will show you exactly how to do just that. Using a collection of my favourite techniques, along with elements from other proven techniques, I will help you to develop and strengthen your suggestion skills and show you how you can make suggestion based effects work whilst feeling comfortable and confident performing them.'

- Lewis Le Val


Who is Lewis Le Val? Lewis is a very talented performer. One of the stars of the TV Series - Mind Control Freaks that aired internationally on The Discovery Channel across 224 countries during 2014, Lewis knows a thing or two about suggestion techniques! It was Lewis's skills in suggestion and hypnotism that landed him the part on the worldwide TV show. This understanding has enabled him to freely add suggestion routines to his performances whenever he wishes, and it is this understanding and his interpretation of classic suggestion techniques that he shares within these pages. His personal scripts are all laid out and taught in this 55 page eBook. Learn not only how this stuff works but more importantly, learn why it works. 

Knowing why suggestion works is key to actually having the correct mindset to performing suggestion routines. If you understand why these techniques WILL work then you can go out and perform it with 100% confidence. Lewis does a great job at explaining all the finer details within his suggestion routines, teaching not only just his scripts but why the scripting works which will give you confidence to make your own routine scripts.


This is anytime, anywhere, impromptu, 100% psychological, power of suggestion.


(Please note this book does not teach hypnosis in the traditional sense of the word. If you are already an experienced user of suggestion or hypnosis then you may not need this book. I Create As I Speak is aimed at performers of magic and/or mentalism who have some experience dealing with people in the ‘real world’ and would like to add suggestion to their repertoire.)

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I strongly recommend Lewis's work Review by Magic Brent
Satisfaction 100%
I for one love this release. It's fun and while I haven't played with it yet, I really enjoyed its detail. I was expecting more from Osterlind in his Penguin hypnosis download because I felt Lewis' release did an exceptional job in how to do this one on one. Lewis clearly points out that this is the power of suggestion and imagination while Osterlind appears to be doing the same thing but with a group. Hence I'm confused what's true hypnosis. If you're new to all this though I strongly recommend Lewis's work. I felt less intimidated in learning this for one on one versus stage work.

(Posted on 12/05/2016)

AMAZING Review by Ceierry
Satisfaction 100%
I still use Material from this book, just used again the technique used in this book and worked perfectly, the idea of locking an arm or hand FOR REAL is AMAZING, do yourself a favour an grab a copy =)

(Posted on 12/05/2016)

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