Impromptu Magic Vol 1 (The Greater Magic Series)

Impromptu Magic Vol 1 (The Greater Magic Series)

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Greater Magic Volume 20 - Impromptu Magic Vol.1
 "After three years of working with some of magic's premier artists in the 'Greater Magic Video Library,' I'm excited to share with you the release of what I feel is the strongest collection of magic effects ever produced on DVD. These are the effects the pros use when someone says 'show me a trick', and often times that someone is the person who is paying the bill. These effects will appeal to magicians of all skill levels. I know you'll enjoy the DVD."
 - Gene Rump, Producer/Host of the Greater Magic Video Library
 A collection of magic’s finest
 Mike Ammar — Coins
 Larry Becker — Heads or Tails
 Eugene Burger — Voodoo
 John Carney — Coin in Glass
 Daryl — Two Quarters
 Karrell Fox — Jumping Jacks
 Roger Klause — Cigarette Vanish
 Johnny Paul — Matches
 Shimada — Watch Vanish
 Charlie Miller — Ring on Pencil
 Michael Weber — William Tell Match
 Jay Marshall — Coin Rolls & Sleeving

 Running Time Approximately 49min
Manufacturer Greater Magic Library
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