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  1. Thru Ball Glass Penetration

    Thru Ball Glass Penetration

    A shot glass is covered by an inverted drinking glass. A small ball is placed on the bottom of the tumbler and a handkerchief is draped over the ball and glasses. When the handkerchief is removed, the...

    Only £17.99 Exc VAT

  2. The Cords of Sin

    The Cords of Sin

    A red wooden bead is shown with two cords running through the center. One cord is tied around the red bead, trapping it on the cord. A green bead is threaded on one side of the red bead. On the other ...

    Only £5.99 Exc VAT

  3. Zig Zag Pencil

    Zig Zag Pencil

    A solid pencil is chopped into three pieces and rejoined magically in the self working case!

    Only £3.99 Exc VAT

  4. Coin Squeeze Brass

    Coin Squeeze Brass

    Two metal rings and a solid metal block are displayed. The block is placed in between the two rings and the whole unit snaps together forming a small tube. Four quarters are placed inside the tube and...

    Only £14.99 Exc VAT

  5. Gozinta - Coin 2 Glass

    Gozinta - Coin 2 Glass

    Here's a baffling coin trick that's so easy to do it shouldn't be allowed!   For years, Houdini perfected techniques to escape from impossible locations.. He mastered the art and be...

    Only £9.99

  6. Mind Control

    Mind Control

    Three playing sized cards are taken out of the carrying case and placed face up on the table. Each card has a different color dot. The spectator is asked to point to one of the cards with a pen the pe...

    Only £5.42 Exc VAT

  7. Zeezo Hot Rod (BLUE) by Premium Magic

    Zeezo Hot Rod (BLUE) by Premium Magic

    Imagine this: A small rod is shown to have six different colored spots on each side. A spectator selects a color and magically all the spots vanish - except for the selected color! That is the Zeezo H...

    Only £9.58 Exc VAT