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  1. Coin Squeeze

    Coin Squeeze

    Two metal rings and a solid metal block are displayed. The block is placed in between the two rings and the whole unit snaps together forming a small tube. Four 10p coins are placed inside the tube an...

    Only £11.99

  2. Magic Prediction Book

    Magic Prediction Book

    A small black book is displayed. Pictured on the book are three objects - a cell phone, a pen and a key. The spectator is asked to think of any one of the three objects. The first page of the book is ...

    Only £9.59

  3. The Amazing 3 Rope Mystery

    The Amazing 3 Rope Mystery

    You show your friends three separate pieces of rope, each one is a different length. Magically, you stretch the ropes until they are all the same length! Then, the ropes are balled up and placed into ...

    Only £5.99

  4. Thru Ball Glass Penetration

    Thru Ball Glass Penetration

    A shot glass is covered by an inverted drinking glass. A small ball is placed on the bottom of the tumbler and a handkerchief is draped over the ball and glasses. When the handkerchief is removed, the...

    Only £21.59

  5. The Cords of Sin

    The Cords of Sin

    A red wooden bead is shown with two cords running through the center. One cord is tied around the red bead, trapping it on the cord. A green bead is threaded on one side of the red bead. On the other ...

    Only £7.19

  6. Zig Zag Pencil

    Zig Zag Pencil

    A solid pencil is chopped into three pieces and rejoined magically in the self working case!

    Only £4.79

  7. Coin Squeeze Brass

    Coin Squeeze Brass

    Two metal rings and a solid metal block are displayed. The block is placed in between the two rings and the whole unit snaps together forming a small tube. Four quarters are placed inside the tube and...

    Only £17.99

  8. Pen Penetration

    Pen Penetration

    Any bank note is borrowed from a spectator. The magician then takes a solid ball point pen and jams it through the note! The bank note is displayed and the pen is seen passing right through. The pen...

    Only £10.00

  9. Linking Key Puzzle by Mr. Magic

    Linking Key Puzzle by Mr. Magic

    A real puzzler!! Show a pair of keys that are linked together. Your spectator will try and try to separate them, with no luck at all. Then you take over and simply unlink them! Fun to do, and gets gre...

    Only £4.99

  10. Triumph Deck

    Triumph Deck

    A deck of cards is shown to have been ‘mis-shuffled’, some of the cards are face up and some of the cards are face down. Spread the cards out and ask your guest to choose any one of the face up ca...

    Only £11.99

  11. Voodoo Hovering Card

    Voodoo Hovering Card

    A card is selected and returned face up to the top of the deck. Magically, it floats off the top of the deck at your command. No strings, threads or wires. The lifting motion is under your control....

    Only £13.99

  12. Bone Cracker

    Bone Cracker

    Expand the bone cracker and hide it in your hand. Crush it and it creates a gross and realistic cracking sound! Crack your neck or a spectator's. Gets louder with use. A great gag!

    Only £4.99

  13. Sucker Coin Box and Bag

    Sucker Coin Box and Bag

    A small acrylic double door box is shown to be empty. A small mesh bag is shown to contain a half dollar coin. The coin is removed from the bag and placed into one side of the empty double door box. T...

    Only £17.99

  14. Impossible Nut and Bolt

    Impossible Nut and Bolt

    A nut and bolt, with a small brass spacer and a beautiful metal tube are shown to the spectator. The magician then threads the nut on the bolt keeping the brass spacer in the center. This assembled bo...

    Only £35.99

  15. Brass Nest of Boxes

    Brass Nest of Boxes

    A coin is borrowed and marked by the spectator. The magician places the coin into the folds of a handkerchief and gives it to a spectator to hold. The magician then reaches into his pocket and removes...

    Only £44.39

  16. Nesting Wallets

    Nesting Wallets

    The magician borrows and marks a coin, then places it inside the folds of a handkerchief. The magician produces a small leather wallet from his pocket and places it on the table. On command the coin i...

    Only £29.99

  17. Houdini Chain Escape

    Houdini Chain Escape

    Houdini was perhaps the most famous magician of all time. He could escape from virtually anything - handcuffs, ropes, chains, crates and more! Now, with the Houdini Chain Escape, you can perform an i...

    Only £6.99

  18. Clear Penetration

    Clear Penetration

    The magician displays a sheet of plexiglass enclosed in an attractive black frame. The spectators can examine the frame. Introducing a playing card, the magician places it next to the plexiglass, on t...

    Only £4.99

  19. Hell Bent

    Hell Bent

    The performer displays two ordinary house keys lying flat on his outstretched palm. One key is silver the other is brass. Spectator is asked to choose a key. One key is discarded and the performer clo...

    Only £15.59

  20. Colour Divination

    Colour Divination

    Three different coloured rods are handed to a spectator. The performer holds a metal container with a cover and with his head turned instructs the spectator to place any rod into the container and sea...

    Only £29.99

  21. Miracle Dice

    Miracle Dice

    A small box is shown to contain 6 dice. The dice are showing the numbers 1 through 6 on top. The lid is replaced and an extra die is shown. The spectator rolls the die on the table to select a number....

    Only £17.99

  22. Spirit Deck

    Spirit Deck

    The performer shuffles a pack of cards. A spectator selects a card from the pack. The card is replaced in the middle of the pack. The performer puts the pack of cards on the table, and the spectato...

    Only £9.59

  23. Vanishing cards in Case

    Vanishing cards in Case

    A deck of cards is removed from a black plastic case. The box is opened and the cards are displayed inside.The cards are replaced in the box, the box is replaced in the case. When the case is turned o...

    Only £8.39

  24. Cut and Restored Rope

    Cut and Restored Rope

    A classic of magic! Imagine this: An examined piece of rope is cut into two pieces. The pieces are tied together and wrapped around the magician’s hand. When the rope is unwound, it has magically re...

    Only £8.39

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