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  1. Open Warp by Zoyu

    Open Warp by Zoyu

    Pre-order Now. Ships 26th November

    Only £15.42 Exc VAT

  2. UNSEEN (Red) by Manoj Kaushal

    UNSEEN (Red) by Manoj Kaushal

    Their SIGNED CARD appears in THEIR HANDS, warmly wrapped inside THEIR BILL. Card to Impossible Location is a classic and for good reason -- it is one of the strongest effects in all of card magic. Fro...

    Only £19.16 Exc VAT

  3. Suspenz - Freeze Time During Your Magic Tricks

    Suspenz - Freeze Time During Your Magic Tricks

    Use ANYTIME in your act - A variety of ways to use this gimmick... SUSPEND A DECK OF CARDS SUSPEND MONEY SUSPEND BUSINESS CARDS SUSPEND CREDIT CARDS suspenZ allows for THREE amazing moments. 1) You sp...

    Only £42.08 Exc VAT

  4. Sixth Sense 3 by Hugo Shelley

    Sixth Sense 3 by Hugo Shelley

    Pre-Order item: We are currently estimating available quantity on 9/15/2018

    Only £224.16 Exc VAT