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Ben Williams is an international full time magician, as well as the Sales Manager at the UK's leading and largest internet magic store... here at the Merchant of Magic!

He performs his own brand of close up magic in all types of environments, Corporate Functions, Trade Shows, Weddings and Private Parties or even just in bars and clubs to unsuspecting spectators. Ben has achieved the coveted MVD highest rank of Wizard and is also a proud member of the esteemed Magic Circle.

 When Ben is not performing he will not be found anywhere as he has most probably already returned to his dark pit of wonder where he relentlessly reduces his brain to mush by forcing it to churn out weird idea after weird idea. Ben is a very strange person!!

So go on, have a look at some of the amazing creations Ben has brought to the magic world...


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  1. HypnoTrick  - Ben Williams

    HypnoTrick - Ben Williams

    Hypno Trick: Have you ever wanted to be able to change a signed card just by rubbing it with your bare fingers? Now it is possible to make people believe you are a master of suggest...

    Only £11.99

  2. Linko - By Ben Williams

    Linko - By Ben Williams

    'Linko is a fun, organic effect!' - Troy   Make two POLO's magically link together, then have the POLO's on the wrapper logo link together too! Plain and simple, Link-0 is one of ...

    Only £14.99