Devious  (Gimmick and DVD)

Devious (Gimmick and DVD)

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It's not often that a magic trick is released that makes something possible that has not been done before. It's even more unusual when a trick uses a technique that is so easy to use that you will be performing it almost as soon as you receive it.

You are asked to perform a magic trick. You can already to some insane card tricks you know but now you want to perform a trick that they will never forget. Would you like to have the ability to take an normal glass bottle and VISUALLY penetrate the neck of the bottle with a playing card, bank note or piece of paper you happen to find.

The DEVIOUS gimmick just needs to be added to a brown glass bottle. The gimmick is invisible and designed to be super easy to introduce to the bottle and remove after the trick has finished. You can do this trick with the object melting through bottle neck trick and also an amazing bottle through spectator's shirt. You can even use this for the penetrating cap routine.

There are so many different magic tricks you can do with is. The DEVIOUS gimmick will have even the magicians that think they know what the method is, blown away and excited by this clever device.


  • Custom designed and never before seen gimmick.
  • Easy to perform
  • Packed full of possibilities
  • Virtually Impromptu to perform in the real world
Running Time Approximately: 46 min
Manufacturer Paper Crane Productions - Amanda
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