School of Cool - By Gregory Wilson - Magic Tricks DVD

School of Cool - By Gregory Wilson - Magic Tricks DVD

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Gregory Wilson is without doubt, one of the most respected magic teachers in the world. Magicians respect his expert sleight of hand and his relaxed, funny presentation of cutting edge close up magic. THE SCHOOL OF COOL DVD features Gregory Wilson teaching you 24 cool techniques and tricks that are perfect for almost any magician. Regardless of your skill level, beginner or professional magician, the skills taught on this DVD will give you awesome quick and easy material you can build into your close up or street magic routines.

Gregory Wilson: pickpocket, magician and street magic expert will sit down with you and teach you in detail, all those insane skills you've hoped to be able to do, but never had an expert to teach you.

 You will learn twenty four face slapping, eye peeling, brain assaults.

The skills pass on to you with this DVD will make you look like nothing short of a street magic ninja. Using objects from the deepest, darkest corners of your pockets such as pen tops, coins, credit cards) and the masterful skills of the street hustler – a deck of bicycle playing cards - you can be trained to release awesomeness anywhere you land.


What magic training from Gregory Wilson can do for YOU:
  • Amaze your friends and fool your enemies.
  • Get that promotion you have always wanted.
  • Become the school hero.
  • Win friends and influence people.
  • Become an international rock god.
  • Become instantly attractive.
  • Find that thing you lost a few weeks back.


Make a coin roll across your knuckles… fire Bicycle Playing Cards way into the air… smash a pen lid with only your pinky finger… cause a coin to mock the laws of science as it falls UPWARDS… spin a normal pen or pencil around your fingers…


Warning! If you get this DVD you willbe doing the following:

  • The Pen Cap Ninja
  • Awesome Acrobatic Ring
  • Greg Wilson Globetrotter
  • A Simple Switch
  • Easy Pen Spin
  • Expert Pen Spin
  • Insane Rubber Star
  • The Coin Roll Technique
  • Triple Coin Catch
  • Professional Muscle Pass
  • 4 Coin Rolldown
  • Is it Heads Or Tails?
  •  The Ribbon Spread
  • Springing Playing Cards
  • The Charlier Cut
  • The Charlier Twist
  • Flick Up
  • TG Murphys Triple Cut
  • The Corner Kick
  • Double Spread
  • Stunt Spin
  • Stunt Double
  • Daryl’s Hot Shot Cut
  • Professional One Handed Shuffle




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