Paul Harris Presents Starlight

Paul Harris Presents Starlight

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
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StarLight By Chris Perrotta

A beam of pure light comes to life on your card..then weirdly stretches and transforms to predict a chosen card's name, a lucky number or even someone's initials!"

Your spectator uses her own phone's flashlight to focus a single ungimmicked beam of light onto the back of a spectator's card.

In full view the dot of light animates, stretches, then reshapes into an H.

The H then unravels and reshapes itself into the number 8.

The Eight of Hearts is her chosen card!

The "8" then unravels and shrinks down to a single dot of light..where your spectator then blows it out like a candle!

Watch the Starlight Demo now:

Features a super easy PHP no moves, no double-lift switch that allows the chosen card and deck to be examined before and after the light show!

* Super easy to do. No card skills required.

* Starlight can be pre-set before your performance to morph into any card value...any two digit number or any two initials!

* Works under all lighting conditions...from dark to light...indoors and outdoors
(When using a borrowed phone's flashlight.)

* Spectator can hold her own phone in her own hand during entire effect.

* Performer has complete control over the light speed...and can stop and start the action at will.

* Resets in seconds.

* Perform any time...sitting, standing and surrounded.

Complete with ingenious Bicycle rider back gimmick (Red Back only) and instructional download.



Manufacturer Paul Harris
Featured Product No
Excellent effect Review by Andy
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
This is just a fabulous effect that leaves your audience gobsmacked. Very good well made gimmick, good instruction video with all the explanations you could wish for. Once you are comfortable with how this works and practice the routine, this really has a stunning effect on your audience.

(Posted on 17/02/2018)

Nice effect Review by Steve
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 40%
The main problem with the production of the gimmick and having to keep the gimmick rigidly facing down. Small movement in the muscles of the hand also tend to cause suspicion

(Posted on 13/01/2018)

Nice effect if you can introduce the gimmick Review by Nick
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 80%
The visual impact of this effect is stunning. If you're anything like me you'll keep wanting to watch it happen, which is good for practice! The gimmick is fairly easy to use but this is not a self-worker. You'll need to be able to perform some simple sleights to get the best out of it. My major concern with this is there aren't many workable suggestions in the video to help you introduce the gimmick without it looking clumsy. The instructions assume that you've already got the gimmick in place. I have experimented and it's possible to have it with a deck of cards in a card box, and if it feels like a tight squeeze you could always lose a few cards from the deck to create the space - it would not have taken much thought to include an idea like that. One more thing - you will need to provide your own deck of cards (red bicycles for my gimmick),

Having said that the instructional video (you will need online access) is fairly thorough and easy to follow. There are some clever touches that help bring the animation to life and unlike Matt's review I don't think there is a problem with not being able to flash the back of the gimmick as it's taken out of play subtly and completely.

(Posted on 09/01/2018)

Lovely effect but needs a little working. Review by Matt
Satisfaction 60%
I really love this effect. The light morphing looks so beautiful. You get a nice long tutorial and an array of interchangeable letters and numbers to use.
Also the gimmick makes the morphing so subtle. It really appears the light flows.

As apparent in the trailer you cannot even flash the other side of the card which is a shame. While no spec will guess how the trick actually works they will surmise something

Having a look at the gimmick i took inspiration and made a gimmick which can be flashed both sides and i think really adds credibility to the effect.

Overall a beautiful effect, however a sharp spectator will come to conclusions which impacts on the overall magic I feel.

(Posted on 25/02/2017)

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Why won't people immediately want to examine the card with the animated light?