Tool (Gimmick and DVD) by David Stone - DVD

Tool (Gimmick and DVD) by David Stone - DVD

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TOOL is so much more than just a card magic gimmick:


This is a practical magic trick you can use to easily perform over eleven full magic tricks, each one unique and very easy to do using the TOOL.

This is what you will be able to do:
  • Visually transform the colour of a playing cards back without the need for any sleight of hand.
  • Instantly and visually restore a playing card that has been signed and torn into pieces.
  • Produce your credit card or your business card in an amazing and magical way.


  • Get a spectator to shuffle the playing cards and instantly and effortlessly, you can produce all four aces.


  • You can reproduce the famous  "Substitution trunk"magic trick in a close-up environment with playing cards.
  • Perform the most astonishing version of the "Stabbed card" magic trick that has ever been seen.


Tool teaches you 11 full professional quality tricks, that have been tested on real live spectators. These types of magic tricks have made David Stone one of the biggest names in close-up magic.

  • Make a playing card reappear in the playing card case without using any suspicious moves or sleight of hand.


  • Make a coin transform into a banknote

  • A spectator can touch four playing cards, completely at random. These playing cards then reveal the spectators year of birth.

  •  Rip open the top of a playing card case and then restore it by magic.
  • Make playing cards disappear from your hands without any sleight of hand
"David Stone has just proved we can start thinking where others have stopped."
- Etienne Pradier
 "Except with a thumb tip, I have never seen so many clever applications with only ONE gimmick!"
- Mickael Chatelain
 1 - Colours
  • Magic tricks you can use as openers are very valuable to close-up magicians. This is a visual colour change  in which everything is examinable! You take out a blue back deck out of a red playing card card case and ask a spectator to touch any playing card. You can then tap the selected card on the playing card case and ittransforms back to red! Tap the playing card case onto the deck... that visually transforms to red as well! All the playing cards are now red... and  can be given out for examination!

    2 - WRONG CARD
    This is a very cool magic trick using the classic plot where a magician can't find the spectators chosen playing card. He then takes the card case to tap gently on the incorrect card. It visually transforms into the choosen playing card! No need to do any force, the playing card can even be signed. This is a striking, visual magic trick, that you can do over and over again.
  • A signed, torn and instantly restored playing card routine without the years of learning sleight of hand. Tool strips out any hard to do moves and sleights! Do you know how to do a triple lift?  If you do, you can be performing this one in just 10 minutes.



Without a doubt one of the easiest but super strong card cheating demonstration you can do! You cut the deck of cards in two parts and then ask your spectator to shuffle them. Once you have the cards back, you can instantly produce all  four aces! (for example...). No palming required, leave you sleight of hand at home, as easy and simple as possible!


  • Have a playing card signed and lost in the deck. Explain that to find the playing card, you need to use your... credit card! Just take the card case and touch the deck with it : Your credit card visibly appears on the top of the deck! Give it to the spectator and tell him he can insert it wherever he wants in the deck, he will find his signed playing card under it. This fails... You seem embarassed until you realize that the signed playing card has vanished... go though each card, the signed card really isn't in the deck at all! Show your hands completely empty, and take the playing card case which is on the table  When you open it, the signed card it s taken out of it! 
  •  6 - ILLUSION
    Perform the Sub Trunk as a close-up magic trick! The magician remove an ace of spades and a Queen of hearts from the deck, he explains they will both represent  the Magician, and his Partner performing the famous illusion of  The substitution Trunk. He takes the playing card case for examination, the magician puts the ace of spades inside and closes it. The queen of hearts is openly placed face up on the deck of cards... Then the magician takes the card case and taps on the Queen of Hearts which visually changes into the Ace of Spades! The performer opens the card case and the Queen of Hearts is now inside! A visual effect, totally self working , ideal for TV or for children.

    7 - BIRTH DATE
    Do you like Mentalism? The performer asks a spectator to choose four people from the audience who knows her very well. Each of them touch a card at random when the deck is held face down and the four cards are slowly put on the top of the deck, without any suspect moves. The mentalist asks the spectator to turn the four cards face up one by one... their value indicates her birth year! Hard to believe, but completely SELF WORKING, NO sleights required!

    8 - KNIFE
    Do you know the famous Gaëtan Bloom's Card Stab? In this version the spectator can shuffles the cards and put them by himself in the cardcase! Then you lock it with a rubber band ... You then gives a kniffe to hanlde to the spectator and drop the cardcase in an empty enveloppe... Suddenly, you impale the bag on the knife : The signed card is stabbed on the kniffe while the cardcase is still closed by the rubber band... Everything is done for examination ... No Palm, just devilish and hyper easy to realize!

    A card is chosen and lost in the deck in a very clean way. It seems impossible to find it back. The magician takes the card case and caress the deck with it as for a magic move : All the cards instantly turn face up! All the cards... except the chosen one! And everything can be given for examination right away!

    10 - TRIUMPH
    A card is selected and lost in the deck. To make it more impossible, the magician shuffles the cards face up and face down : One can clearly sees that the cards are shuffled face up and face down... A simple magic move with the card case on the cards, and they instantly all turn face up... except the chosen card! A very easy and extremely visual version of the classic « triumph » effect that can be performed stand up without any table

    11 - GHOST CARD
    A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The magician explains that to find it back, he will pick 4 cards at random. He clearly shows four cards in his hands and of if them appears to be the selection... A simple magic move, and all the cards vanish except the chosen one! Read that : No Palm! Just a very clever way to use the gimmick for an original and visual application!

The perfect ending for the Ambitious card
The easiest four aces production possible.
  • A quick to do and amazing playing card vanish
  • Turn a credit card into a bank note.
  • Visually print a borrowed bill onto the back of a signed card!
You Get: DVD  and two gimmicks (one for training, the other for the performance)
Easy to do!

  • Each magic trick is completely different.
  • The tricks taught with TOOL are immediately repeatable, The RESET is super fast
  • No need to do any palming and no hard techniques required.
  • The PLAYING CARD CASES are EXAMINABLE and the GIMMICKS made for regular intensive use.
Manufacturer Magiczoom Ent. - David Stone
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Review Review by Andrew Whittaker
Satisfaction 100%
I can't tell you how pleased I am with this,you can perform amazing effects with little or no skill, and with a few sleights gives a real kicker ending yo any routine.The only limitations are your imagination,BUY THIS NOW.

(Posted on 08/01/2016)

Review Review by kevin parks
Satisfaction 80%
Very impressed with this one. The gimmick is made to a high standard and should last a very long time. You can finish reasonably clean after each effect. The only thing that lets it down is the instructional DVD. The demonstrations are fine but the explanations are done in silence (apart from some jazzy background music). It's a personal preference but I like a person to talk me through a trick so I understand the mechanics. Moreover, some of the effects involve sleights which are not explained. This may confuse somone who is new to magic.
I'd give it seven out of ten, but that's only because the DVD infuriated me. Apart from that, it's an amazing gimmick that you'll definitely use. You can even get some cracking mentalism efects from it if that's your preference. Very versatile and well recommended.

(Posted on 22/12/2015)

Review Review by Sukhdeep Pandher
Satisfaction 80%
I can't tell you how pleased I am with this,you can perform many brilliant effects with the gimmick!
This gimmick is limited to your imagination. You can easily think of your own tricks.
I have two issues with TOOl.
1. The quality of the gimmick isn't as good as it could be, and you can fit an entire pack of cards inside the box provided.
2. The explanation of the tricks on the DVD are bad, there is only background music and I would rather prefer explanations.


(Posted on 01/12/2015)

Review Review by Darren Cope
Satisfaction 100%
I can't tell you how pleased I am with this,you can perform this really easy best buy soo far

(Posted on 28/11/2015)

Review Review by matheu martin
Satisfaction 60%
I would recommend buying this as an addition to an ambitious card routine or as a finale to a similar effect. The illusion is very strong and leaves you fairly clean. The gimmick is well made (apart from the box isn't large enough to take a complete deck of cards which I found really weird).
The big let down is the DVD!!!!! It is infuriating. No explanations, just background music. I think I would have been a lot happier if I was talked through each routine.

(Posted on 27/11/2015)

Review Review by Peter Atkinson
Satisfaction 100%
I can't tell you how pleased I am with this, you can perform it anywhere, the gimmick is made to a very high standard, it amazed me when it arrived never mind the audience. I will be using this on a daily basis. only let down was the DVD, but other then that I will be buying another one to make sure I am never with out it

(Posted on 18/11/2015)

Review Review by Fivo Manoli
Satisfaction 100%
If you can do a double lift or a triple lift with ease and your confident with breaks you can adapt some of david's more intermediate to advanced techniques to make the tricks work for you... if your an intermediate or advanced magician what the hell are you doing without this gimmick!?!?!

Anyone can make this fool proof by using it just once in a performance... or you could adapt a routine especially for it... if heat is on the box you can remove the gimmick easily by showing the box empty... and putting the gimmick back on is just as easy...

restore a signed torn card with a wave over the card... simply genius compared to the slight of hand torn and restored cards that we see... saves hassle and risk...!

that box doesnt travel without me!

As for the box not fitting 52 cards... it fits 49 comfortably and as i dont require 52 cards for any tricks i do its not a problem... i have another pack if i want to play games or do self working magic... the quality of one of the boxes is to poor for me to work with but in all honesty i dont care... they provided me with two and the second one i imagine will last me a very long time and when the wear and tear eventually gets to it i am buying me another lot because quite honestly now that i have it i dont think i can perform knowing i dont have it in my arsenal.

(Posted on 28/10/2015)

Review Review by Reven ..
Satisfaction 100%
Excellent.. another ground breaking move from Mr Stone.
This is most certainly not a shelf sitter - perfect for walk around/table performances.
personally i would only use 3 out of the 13 on the DVD, but i would happily pay its value just for one of the effects - well done David, very well done indeed - Reven.

(Posted on 21/10/2015)

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