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Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size) by Paul Hallas

Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size) by Paul Hallas

Product Review (submitted on 26 December 2018):
This has appeared previously, but Meir Yedid Magic has produced a new printing a few months ago on larger parlor-size cards.

The routine plays on an age-old stereotype: the magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. First you show several cards with hats, producing a rabbit from them one at a time. Next, one of four hats disappears. Then as a final surprise, the hats are turned over to show that the backs seen at the start have now changed into images with a large number of baby bunnies.

The cards are excellent quality, and the larger-than-normal size makes them well suited for using in situations where you're performing to a group, such as at a children's party or a restaurant. The subject nature of the routine draws on a classic of magic, so it will speak to all ages, and it's just as suitable for children as it is for adults. The fact that the cards are completely examinable at the end is an extra bonus. Our friend Mr Elmsley does all the work for us, so there aren't really any knuckle-busting moves or sleights required aside from a basic count, and remembering the sequence of the routine.

Recommendation: This is a classic trick from Paul Hallas: easy to perform, engaging, and very practical - ideal for the working magician or amateur looking for a novelty effect that is fun to perform. While not the kind of routine that will drop jaws, it will certainly put smiles on peoples faces, without requiring complicated moves on the part of the magician. Easy entertaining - now that's something that as a magician I can appreciate!