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Tool (Gimmick and DVD) by David Stone - DVD

Tool (Gimmick and DVD) by David Stone - DVD

Product Review (submitted on 28 October 2015):
If you can do a double lift or a triple lift with ease and your confident with breaks you can adapt some of david's more intermediate to advanced techniques to make the tricks work for you... if your an intermediate or advanced magician what the hell are you doing without this gimmick!?!?!

Anyone can make this fool proof by using it just once in a performance... or you could adapt a routine especially for it... if heat is on the box you can remove the gimmick easily by showing the box empty... and putting the gimmick back on is just as easy...

restore a signed torn card with a wave over the card... simply genius compared to the slight of hand torn and restored cards that we see... saves hassle and risk...!

that box doesnt travel without me!

As for the box not fitting 52 cards... it fits 49 comfortably and as i dont require 52 cards for any tricks i do its not a problem... i have another pack if i want to play games or do self working magic... the quality of one of the boxes is to poor for me to work with but in all honesty i dont care... they provided me with two and the second one i imagine will last me a very long time and when the wear and tear eventually gets to it i am buying me another lot because quite honestly now that i have it i dont think i can perform knowing i dont have it in my arsenal.