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Lubors Lens - DVD and Gimmick by Paul Harris - DVD

Lubors Lens - DVD and Gimmick by Paul Harris - DVD

Product Review (submitted on 2 October 2015):
This Lens is Freaking Amazing

I urge every magician to get it because the magic happens in the volunteer hand (which is very rare to find in magic) but it’s also a great ice breaker and talking point too.

This special lens blurs out and makes the centre of the pen invisible just like Photoshop Amazing.

The DVD has a (1.52 minutes) introduction with Paul Harris, (4 minutes) performance and (9.14 minutes) explanation but has no voice over but it’s very clear what to do.

The DVD comes with only one lens which is in a very nice leather card holder to stop it from scratching.

Which is the only down point - The lens can be easily scratch so be careful.

On the DVD and video it says (I mean shows) the lens in between two credit cards inside a wallet and then you say “this lens is to protect the credit cards but look what I discovered”.

My advice is to keep the lens inside its protected leather holder and then just say “this magic lens distorts and makes objects invisible, let me show you”. Which I think is a better routine and tells the truth because the lens does.

The twisted pen gimmick does take a while to make.

But on the DVD it does show you a quicker way using a drinking store and making a knot appear in the centre.

The DVD also shows you how to make a burnt match go through a volunteer hand.

This special lens is Amazing and has a lot of magic possibilities for example I discovered it makes 1p and 5p coins invisible.

I can’t wait to show this Amazing lens to my friends at the magic club and performing with it.

“A must buy for any Magician at a great price”.