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Strongman by Jimmy Strange and Merchant of Magic

Strongman by Jimmy Strange and Merchant of Magic

Product Review (submitted on 2 April 2016):

Is Strongman examinable ? Yes ! Although the gimmick can actually be pulled out if your spectator knows how to , it's not going to happen . I can freely hand the gimmick out without fear , they can examine all they want ( not for very long ) , because if they were to look at the tip , that's it . But so far after trying this out on few of my non magician friends , it flew past them . Just out of curiosity I passes the gimmick to one of them and told them its a gimmick and asked them whether they can see anything . They checked for a period and replied : no . I think its enough to prove this gimmick is fully examinable .

Overall , I do think this is well worth the price asked . I had a great joy performing this . Will be adding this to my repertoire for sure after thinking through where to place it at . The gimmick is quality made , no moving parts and can be closed precisely . I will highly recommend this.

That being said , I'm very , in fact extremely happy with the gimmick I've on me now . Thank you MOM for bringing this to the market.