Insight - RED (Cards and DVD) by Peter Eggink - DVD

Insight - RED (Cards and DVD) by Peter Eggink - DVD

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Two Jokers with holes in the center are shown and placed in full view on the table surface. Next, a spectator freely selects a card and signs his or her initials on its back. The card is then openly placed in the middle of the pack and shuffled thoroughly. The magician is making an attempt to find the spectator's card by searching through the faces.

Although it's NOT the spectator's selection, the magician explains that he's being drawn to an indifferent random card for some reason. This indifferent card is sandwiched in-between the two jokers and can be CLEARLY seen through the hole. Now get ready for a truly MAGICAL moment: With a little wave the card VISUALLY changes into the spectator's SIGNED card!

The appearance of the spectator's signature through the hole is eye candy of the highest caliber. This looks like trick photography! Finally the card is removed from in-between the jokers to show that the card has indeed changed into the spectator's freely chosen card!

Insight uses a brand new concept that will make you smile. Comes complete with a full training DVD, hand build gimmick on Bicycle stock and everything else you'll need to perform this stunning effect. Use your own deck of Bicycle cards.

The full training DVD will guide you step by step on how to perform the routine, sleights and techniques. Includes a great handling by David Regal.
  • Easy to do!
  • Highly visual
  • Instant Reset
  • No Force is Employed
  • FULLY examinable
Running Time Approximately: 32 min
Manufacturer PE Illusions
Featured Product No
Blissfully simple Review by Matra
Customer Rating 100%
Opening the DVD case is a bit of a fright as there is a bag of 'some assembly required' bits though after watching the DVD you don't actually have to make anything, you can (and you should) follow the ideas on the DVD but I found a way to not require the elastic pretty quickly.

It's a very simple, but clever, trick and easy to do after a few practices. You will find there are a few ways of performing it but the most basic/simple method is taught in the video.

The DVD is nicely split into chapters, though the production values aren't that great and the sound mastering is just awful - but you can still watch/listen to it without any issues.

The product on it's own is a sold 5/5

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

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