Invisible by Oz Pearlman - DVD and Deck

Invisible by Oz Pearlman - DVD and Deck

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Arguably the BEST trick deck of cards in THE WORLD! EVER!




Now you can learn this amazing card trick with the aid of expert DVD tuition from Oz Pearlman.

It is not only by hobbyist magicians that use this insane deck of playing cards, but professionals too. Used on TV countless times by the likes of Dynamo and David Blaine, the Invisible Deck is the go to choice for anyone in the know!

There aren't many card tricks out there that are as direct as the Invisible Deck, a spectator can he holding the deck and name ANY card. You then simply remove the cards from the box and spread through them to show ONE card and ONE CARD ONLY turned over in the deck. It is of course the card the spectator named.

Card magic doesn't get any stronger than this. This is as close to the Holy Grail of card magic as you can get. No crazy moves. As clean as clean can be.

 The Invisible Deck is a secret tool that allows you to perform one of the strongest effects in card magic WITH NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.

There is another great feature of the Invisible Deck. It will mean you will NEVER GET A FIND A CARD TRICK WRONG AGAIN! This is what we mean. As you practice all the moves and sleight of hand in Born to Perform you can go out and try these tricks without fear of failure. The reason being is that if you lose a spectator's card and cannot find it, simply ask what it is. They will name their card and you can say,

'AH! This all makes sense now! You see earlier on today I got a really strange feeling, a premonition if you like. I took a single playing card and turned it over and placed the deck back in this box!'

You then go open up the Invisible Deck and reveal that you knew their card all along!

SO HAVE NO FEAR... your Invisible Deck will save the day every time!
Oz makes learning the Invisible Deck fun and easy, and he makes sure you get your money's worth out of this million dollar secret.

The Invisible Deck is a must-have piece of card magic. It comes with our highest recommendation. Order now and start performing within days. This is an item every magician should have.


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Great trick. Highly recommend. Review by LittleMagician
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 100%
Amazing gimmick, amazing DVD. After getting to know how it works and after seeing the amazed reaction everyone has after this trick, it became my favourite. Oz Pearlman is a great teacher and explains in detail how you should perform this trick. He gives very useful tips on ways to perform the trick and even shown him performing the trick to a live audience. It includes a high quality gimmicked bicycle deck which no one will suspect a thing about.

(Posted on 02/04/2018)

Good value Review by James
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 60%
Good value introduction for the beginner. A little short on content though. Excellent quality Bicycle deck included.

(Posted on 30/10/2017)

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