M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics M5 Kit

M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics M5 Kit

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This is the Pro Psycho Kinetics M5 Kit using only ultra quality items.

Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much more!

The M5 System contains the thinnest and most powerful device available - the Neo-5 PK.

Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables. You also get the PK Book with over 70 routines and tips and a custom wrist strap.

There is no end to the strong magic that can be created with the M5 System!


In your hand, in a spectator's hand or on the table. One guy wrote that he stuck his fork into his mashed potatoes and then ate them all with his spoon - leaving the fork standing straight in the air wavering. People at the table simply freaked.


It isn't. It's much less than it used to be. The M5 - up until recently - sold for £150 (for the pro kit) in magic shops. It came WAY down in price due to a price drop on the material used to create it. The price of £150 is justified by the results obtained with the item - phenomenal. Magicians who invested in and use the M5 - swear by it. Chuck Leach himself said that if he was stranded on a desert island with natives all around him and only the M5, he'd be God to them within half an hour.


Whoops! Oh no it's not. The M5 is one device and a multitude of tricks. From stopping someone's watch to having a deck of cards cut itself. When you consider that you spend £10-£200 on one trick in a magic store - it puts things in perspective. One of those tricks won't give you a fraction of the impact or fun that the M5 does.


Yes, the Bat is similar but not near as powerful. We studied and tested both before unanimously deciding on the M5, hands down, no questions asked. When you're out in the field actually working - you want the security and power that comes with the best available. In several situations we found the Bat unreliable... and that's just not the feeling you want to have when doing hard core magic for people.


Again, similar - but no. Really the two are not the same... although the M5 will do most things the Raven can (just by a slightly different method.)


Stay two feet away from TV's and computers and you should be perfectly safe. (Note, that the device is powerful and we cannot be responsible for any damage done to the buyer, spectators, or any property associated with either. We haven't had any problems, haven't heard of ANY problems and don't anticipate any, but we need to put this clause in effect from a legal standpoint.)


Not at this time... we have no plans for this either. There are too many kinds of coins from too many different countries. Our suggestion? There is a lot of material in the M5 System Kit so that you would never have to use coins at all - ever. But often, you will have steel coins that magic shops make in your own country -- or you may have a few lying around that you use in other tricks. The last option is to USE the American coins and state that they have some very strange properties - look what happens!


The M5 is like having an actual REAL magician standing behind you, doing your magic for you. "

It couldn't be said any better. The M5 is the latest and most improved tool of illusion for series of psychokinetic, or PK, magic effects. The gimmick itself has been tailor made to be the perfect tool for performing all kinds of effects from vanishes, changes, seemingly impossible effects of balancing, movement of objects with the mind, crazy card effects, and much more. You're limited only by your imagination when it comes to the M5 system.

It's the raven, the bat, and a psychic all rolled into a small compact box. You'll often hear it said that the M5 is not one trick, but many tricks. At first, I thought that although that might be technically true, it was just a phrase used to try and get you to buy it, since you can take any one trick mechanically and throw different presentations and patters on it, effectively making it many different tricks. Not so with the M5. While it has one basic force working to make these effects happen, there are many different mechanical aspects to the system. You could master the use of the M5 for vanishes, but still have to practice movement of objects with the mind. Throw about 4 or 5 different effects into each mechanical group, then tack on another 10 possible presentations for each effect, and you're wearing a small magic shop.

The price is the only major disadvantage of the M5 system, but I can tell you that it's well worth it. Get what you can on your budget if you have to, but don't end your collection without getting this amazing product. - Majiko, USA.

"I have now owned the Micro-5 for ten minutes and am sitting here stunned."
- Alasdair Hutchison, UK.

"All I have to say is... AWESOME."
- John Tysinger, VA.

"The coolest thing on the planet.... I made a girl scream in a restaurant by balancing a fork on it's prongs. Then she started to cry (Ooops)." - Ty Castro, CA.
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Brilliant! Review by Chris
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
This was a replacement for an over-worked previous purchase. It's one of my favourites, and certainly is with my audiences. Making-up extra gimmicked matches isn't easy but is well-worth the effort; I have a box full, and give my 'stooge' a choice, which adds to the mystery of the illusion. Just be careful where you wear the M5! I would highly-recommend this to any close-up Magi

(Posted on 31/07/2017)

Review Review by graham sargent
Satisfaction 100%

This little box of tricks is simply the best illusion/magic I have seen,although iam new to magic I have literally had people gasp with amazement when i stop there watches from ticking and start balancing 2p's on top of each other!

This trick will entertain your crowd ......full stop!

With little set-up you can easily wear the gimmick on a night out and dazzle the public on demand.

I love it money well spent and it will last a lifetime.

(Posted on 27/12/2015)

Review Review by Phil Everitt
Satisfaction 100%
I originally bought it in the summer and couldnt use it with short sleeve T shirts, I also thought it was big and heavy when I first got it (I somehow was expecting something smaller and lighter). Now winter is here and I am naturally wearing long sleeved shirts and jackets I find it very easy to wear all day if neccessary and it is awesome. I have also found that many English 1p and 2p coins are magnetic and it is easy to borrow a coin from a spectator, check if it is magnetic there and then by holding it close to the M5 (most are) and then make their own coin dance in their hand. I havent even moved onto the extras you get with the kit yet and I love it.
If you are wavering about buying one go for it, you wont regret it.

(Posted on 14/12/2015)

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