Magic From The Session (Book) - Andi Gladwn

Magic From The Session (Book) - Andi Gladwn

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Andi Galdwin organised The Session convention with Rob James. The very first year they held the event it sold out 6 weeks before the day and many people couldn't get a ticket. However, you can still be a part of it!

We have a limited quantity of the Magic from the Session booklet that Andi wrote. It contains tricks from Andi himself, Tyler Wilson, Kostya Kimlat, Lee Asher, Jack Parker and Rob James, who all performed or lectured at the convention.

This is a 30 page booklet containing 6 great card items:

Suit You Sir by Andi Gladwin
A spectator correctly divines the cards that are missing from a deck. The clever method used has plenty of other applications.

Tyler Wilson's Dirty Stinkin' Ape in the Middle
An ingenious sandwich routine using a novel concept. If Ferris Bueller were to do a sandwich trick, this would be it.

Kostya Kimlat's Stardust Transposition and Cosmic Fusion
A highly visual routine with two chosen cards that transpose and eventually fuse together. 6 detailed pages of description.

Lee Asher's Flo
A novel revelation of one or more cards based on the waterfall flourish. A great idea as you would expect from Lee.

Jack Parker's 3 Stooges
"Jack Parker's card stuff is ingenious" - Richard Kaufman. Within the context of an assembly routine, three spectators go through a series of magical tests before finally realising who the real magician is...

Rob James' 6am Production
A flashy and very visual all-at-once ace production that can be done for a large group.

Manufacturer Andi Gladwin
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