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The original company, Tenyo Magic Laboratory, was founded in 1953. Out of all the Tenyo inventors, Shigeru Sugawara has been inventing for the long time. Mounted in front of his desk there is a memo, which reads:

1-Anyone can easily perform it.
2-It can be repeated.
3-It uses articles found around us.
4- The props can withstand examination by the audience.
5-The props can be carried around in one's pockets.

Not all the magic produced by Tenyo satisfies all these conditions. However, one thing that is certain is that every item has been developed with the desire to meet all of the conditions.

Tenyo is user oriented. In the development  process, each idea must pass through a series of filters as they are discussed and checked from many angles. Thus, the product that reach the customer's hands are the ones that have been successfully examined in terms of 'users' merits.

Because of this attitude, Tenyo products have gained a worldwide following and often become very collectable.

Tenyo launches a new line of product every year. We are pleased to offer the very latest collection:


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