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Saplings by Yu Huihang video DOWNLOAD

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Saplings is a collection of ideas from Yu Huihang, a magician from Singapore. The coin magic you'll find here are classical coin magic plots, BUT, with a slight twist to it that will be sure to leave your audience in awe.

Saplings contains 7 powerful coin tricks that are designed such that it will exceed the audience's expectation. It takes what the audience expects one step further to throw them off their feet! What's more, you require NO GIMMICKS! This eliminates the need to shop for extra pieces and leaves all the coins examinable at the end of the routine!

The tricks are taught in great detail and include over-the-shoulder view to help facilitate learning. We've also included some tips and subtleties to help you raise these effects to their maximum potential.


Invisible Hangers: The classic invisible hangers plot, but the 4 coins are displayed on your palm instead of your fingertips, giving a more natural and fairer look to the routine.

Wild Coins: A standard wild coin routine but instead of only having one coin that changes and stays in view at a time, all 3 coins change into Chinese coins and stay in full view of the audience!

Wild 3 Fly: At the end of a 3 Fly routine, all 3 coins change into Chinese coins, as you repeat the 3 Fly routine one more time.

Matrix: A variation to the standard matrix routine with a different backfire.

Instant Matrix: A variation to the Quick Matrix routine that plays with the audience's expectations.

One Card Matrix: A matrix routine that uses only one card with no extras.

Coins to Cards: A variation to the production sequence of Mr. Takumi Takahashi's Cards to Coins whereby all 4 coins are seen to visually change back into coins as they are dealt down onto the table one by one.

Thoughts from Professional Magicians:

"These tricks and techniques have a lot of potentials. Recommended to learn!"
- Shoot Ogawa

"Wow, I gotta relearn cards to coins now."
- Takumi Takahashi

"His ideas always make my head explode! It is a shame that you don't know him!"
- Ryu-ka

"Nice coin magic. Clear and visual effects. I like it."
- Ryan Hayashi

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Excellent Review by Steady Eddie
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
It elevates the art of coin magic.Agreed there is some work involved but it’s achievable with practice which is part of the enjoyment.Ive found over the years some innovative and creative magicians evolving from the Far East I am in favour of any material that elevates the art of coin magic this does very clever the reverse matrix is ingenious.

(Posted on 10/01/2020)

Some excellent coin magic Review by Steve
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 80%
Satisfaction 80%
Some good stuff here especially if you like the matrix, will be using some of this, also very well presented especially the how to do

(Posted on 22/11/2019)

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